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How to Understand the Gold Fineness (Carat)?

Altın Ayarları Nasıl Anlaşılır?

Gold, which is always a favorite of today, has been used in many areas throughout history. Gold is a very good option for those who prefer stylish and long-lasting jewellery, as well as for investment purposes. It is also often recommended that people with allergic sensitivities use gold accessories. Recently, we see that gold has started to be preferred in decoration due to the sparkle and rich appearance it has created.


Gold; is a preferable material because it does not cause blackening, oxidation or fading in our jewelry. Today, we use gold in many places apart from our jewelry. In addition to pure gold, we can also find options such as gold-plated, gold-water, white gold. But pure gold is a material that always stands out. But gold also has properties that make it valuable in itself. The first of these is the gold carat. So what exactly is gold carat? How to understand gold carat numbers or gold carat? What are all the known gold carats? These are important questions that the consumer should know.


It is important that you choose reliable places when shopping for gold jewelry, because gold is a material that has many counterfeits in the market. You can easily access original and many kinds of gold jewelry from stores such as Piano Jewellery. You can find beautiful varieties to be used for both men and women on special occasions.


What is Gold Fineness (Carat)?


Gold fineness is the ratio of the purity of gold. Another name of fineness is the carat, which we hear quite often. Its purity starts from 99.9% pure, and varies according to the other materials included in it. It is known that the gold found in nature is 999.9% pure. In other words, there is no 100% pure gold in nature.


How Are Gold Carats Determined?


Gold carat is expressed in gold alloy found in one gram and the number varies from country to country. For example, in our country there are 4 types of carats, while in some countries there are 5 types of carat for gold.


How Many Types of Gold Carat exist?


There are 4 types of gold carats in our country. 8, 14, 18 and 22 carat. According to their purity these are described as follows:


-24 carat gold is 99.99% pure.

-22 carat gold is 91.6% pure.

-18 carat gold is 75% pure.

-14 carat gold is 58.5% pure.

-8 carat gold is 33.3% pure.


So the highest gold carat is 24 karat.


How Do We Know How Many Carats Gold Has?


You can learn the gold value measure from the jeweler or you can identify it yourself. You can read gold necklace carats, gold chain carats, gold ring carats and other gold jewelry carats through the code written inside such accessories. In addition, if you ask how to understand 14 carat gold; When you look at the interior part of the product, you may find an indication such as 14K. We mentioned that the other name for gold fineness is carat. Therefore, in addition to the numerical value of its carat, the expression K also indicates the carat of gold. The stamps you can see on the inside part of the accessories, depending on their carats are as following:


-If it is 14 carat ; you can see the numbers 14, 575, 585,

-If it is 22 carat; you can see the numbers 22, 910, 916, 930, 933,

-If it is 18 carat; you can see the numbers 18, 750,

-If it is 8 carat; you can see the numbers 8, 330, 300.


With the Piano Jewellery, which is the ideal address for safe gold ring shopping, you  will find the opportunity to follow the most attractive opportunity products throughout the year.


Gold Carat Calculation


How can you understand how many carats gold is? In gold carat calculation, each carat is calculated as 1/24 of the whole of gold. For example, if a gold material is composed of 14/24th gold and the rest is made of other materials, it is a 14-carat gold. You may ask the question "How many carats is pure gold?"  Pure gold is 24 carat. To find the gold carat, we divide the mass of pure gold in the product by the total mass of the product and multiply it by 1000. For example, if we want to calculate the pure gold amount in a 22 carat gold, we may say that 22/24 parts of the mass are gold.


What to Do If Gold Carat Is Not Indicated in the Product?


If you don't see any of the above codes when you look at the inside part or the clip of your jewelry, you should show it to a jeweler. There may be several reasons why the gold carat is not indicated. For example, the codes written in it may have been deleted due to the wear and tear that occurs due to the period of use. You can show it to a jeweler to find out if the codes were deleted reasons such as fake gold or for other reasons. It can also be certified when you buy a gold product. You can also get help from a jeweler for calculating the gold value of your gold product.


White Gold Carats


White gold is a mixture of shiny gold that appears in silver color. It is a highly preferred product in jewellery. Some people prefer white gold because pure gold has yellow hues. For the reason that white gold contains different metals, it is silver in color. Besides, there is no difference in value between white gold and yellow gold. While yellow gold is pure gold, white gold contains substances such as zinc and silver.


White gold consists of 80% gold, 16% nickel, 3% zinc, 1% copper over 24 carat gold. Other than that, the carats are the same. Taking care of your gold jewelry is also very important. Gold jewelry does not darken or fade, but there may be wear and loss of shine due to long use. There are a few small things you can do for eliminating this. If the place where you bought your jewelry is doing maintenance of your certificated product, it would be beneficial to have it serviced at least once a year. Jewelers can carry out maintenance services for your jewelry. If you want to take care of your jewelry yourself rather than where you bought it or at the jeweler's shop, there are several ways to do it.


Like most jewelry, you can put gold jewelry in warm soapy water and rub it gently. Staying in this water for 3-4 minutes will be enough for it to shine. Then, with the help of a fine toothbrush, you can remove dust and dirt from thin areas and polish them. Then you should dry it gently with a cloth. You can also use cleaning cloths for cleaning gold jewelry. You can also do home care by purchasing jewelry cleaner from jewelry stores.


After applying the cleaner, dry it with a cloth. You should be extremely gentle while doing all these operations, and you should avoid the use of excessively hot water while carrying out maintenance of gold and be careful to be gentle. Regularly taking care of your gold jewelry will make your jewelry shine like the first day.

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