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How to Know Gold is Real?

Altın Nasıl Anlaşılır?

The answer to the question “How to Know Gold is Real?” keep busy of the people mind for thousand years. Since it is accepted as a precious metal in every era, fake golds are always produced and released into the markets. This is one of the important reasons why people approach gold with suspicious. The forgery in gold reaches such a level that the gold jewelers hard to detect whether it is original.  

The gold has a characteristic of both an accessory and investment instrument accepted as most-prevailing currency in trading for thousand years. This precious metal offers a great visual attraction with its unique color, it is always in good with both investors and forgers.

Where the forgery comes into question, it is a necessary to act with protection instinct and to be cautious. Let’s talk about the answer to the question, “How to Know Gold is Real?”

The Methods of Knowing Gold is Real

The expert on the methods of knowing gold is real is the person called as exchanger or gold jeweler. This person can detect whether the gold is real by its color, audio, or other characteristic features. When you ask to purchase some gold or a gold jewelry made thereof, it is required for you to always remember the price of the gold per gram, and it cannot be sold lower than such price. Where a product is cheaper than its normal, this calls the product into question about forgery.

Let’s continue to talk about other answers to the question, “How to Know Gold is Real?”.

Gold Test (Acid Test)

This application called as acid test or gold test may be used by a person who ask to test his/her gold at home. But it is required for you to know that this may lead some various damages, and that you should take appropriate measures. Now let’s talk about assessment of the application and its results for the people wondering about how the gold test is applied.

For answering the question “How to Know Gold is Real?”, some nitric acid (if possible) is dripped on an edge of a product made of gold placed in a steel container, and then it may be understood whether the gold is real depending on the reaction results. If the color of the gold is changed, you most probably have a fake gold.


Seal Control

The gold must have seal thereon. The seal affixed on any points of the gold mostly gives information such as gold gradient, brand patent number or certificate number. You should keep in mind that you already accept all risks when you purchase a gold without a seal thereon. You should give extraordinary attention hereon.

Magnet Test

The gold has no magnetic characteristics like most of other metals. Therefore, it cannot be pulled or pushed by a magnet. The magnet test is known as the easiest method for a person ask to make a gold test at home. But still you must keep in your mind that every test made at home has a margin of error, so best results can be obtained by the experts.

Audio Test

The other answer to the question “How to Know Gold is Real?” is an audio test to be applied by the experts. The gold has a unique rich sound thanks to its high characteristic weight. The rich sound of the gold heard after free fall onto a floor or hitting on a hard material is its unique characteristic evidencing its originality. 

Biting Test

If you bite the gold, your teeth marks are much more visible on the gold according to its gradient since it is a soft metal. On the other hand, it is required to specify that this is not a good idea for a fragile gold jewelry.

Ceramic Test

The other answer to the question “How to Know Gold is Real?” is a ceramic test. The gold spread on a white-color ceramic plate leaves a gold-color scratch on the plate. If you have a different color on the plate, this means that the material is not a gold.

Density Test

The gold is heavier than most of other metals in terms of characteristic weight. This may be easily determined by weighing on the precision scales together with other metals having similar sizes.



The Methods of Knowing Gold is Real

If you have question in your mind on how to know gold jewelry is real, the easiest way to beat this doubt is to purchase certificated gold jewelries bearing recognized trademarks. The real gold jewelries having information such as gold gradient, certificate number, manufacturer etc. thereon must be preferred instead of the ones without seal.

It is also possible to answer to the question on how to know gold earring is real by means of seal control. The shop where you purchase the gold jewelries is also important as much as certificate or seal control. The products to be purchased from a reliable corporate shall not lose anything from their beauty and grace.

You may leave your worries on whether the gold is real your behind with the guarantee given by Piano Gold jewelry and enjoy your shopping. You may create a totally new style for yourself thanks to excellent designs and rich collections released with the originality and quality guarantee.

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