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    13 Different Ear Piercings!

    Birbirinden Farklı 13 Kulak Piercingi!

    What Is Piercing and What Are The Types of Piercings?

    The types of jewellery called piercings are actually similar to the nose rings that are common in Turkish culture. Piercings are such personal jewellery that we wouldn't be exaggerating if we say that they are produced in countless models. Therefore, they are often referred to together with the materials and design forms used in production. Piercing can be applied to many points of the body such as eyebrows, nose, chin and belly button. The structure and design of the accessory also varies according to the usage area. Ears, on the other hand, are the most common area of piercing use. Ear piercing is applied to the fatty tissue and cartilage area of the ear.

    What Are The Names of Ear Piercings?

    • Diamond piercing
    • Hoop piercing
    • Stud piercing

    Ear piercing names can be summarized with these three main headings. Diamond piercing models especially fit well with stylish combinations. Hoop piercing types can also be used for this purpose. Whereas stud piercing types, on the other hand, find more space in everyday styles. Piano Jewellery offers the most unique examples of these three piercings with 13 different designs. There are different models such as lightning bolt, pole star, ivy, row stone, dagger or flower. However, among the piercing accessories of Piano Jewellery, the Baguette Shaky Queen Diamond Tragus model stands out a lot. Tragus piercings or cartilage piercings are widely preferred by all women. These models, which look extremely attractive in the cartilage area, are quite ideal for those who want to create an assertive image. So, if you have decided to use piercings, it is possible to find a model that suits your style and you will love to wear, in Piano Jewellery.

    What to Look for When Choosing Piercings?

    • First of all, you can take care to make choices that suit your style.
    • You can create a much more ideal image by choosing models suitable for your ear structure.
    • If you are going to buy a piercing made from precious materials such as gold, silver or diamonds, you should take care about having invoiced products.

    If You Want Distinctive Jewellery Ear Piercings Are Just for You!

    If you are against mediocrity, prefer to stand out rather than hide yourself, and like to reflect your style at every turn, you can also be a real piercing user. Because there is nothing better than a cool piercing to complement your existing style. That's why we, as the Piano Jewellery family, attach great importance to designing the most special and unique piercing accessories for three generations. We produce numerous piercing models that reflect you; you will enjoy wearing and can complement your outfits. We equip some of them with precious stones and some others with diamonds. We leave some of them in their simplest and most elegant form to reflect your minimal style in the best way. Thus, we increase your chances of finding the ear piercing model you want. All of our designs exhibited on our site are produced with the superior quality standards of Piano Jewellery. Moreover, all the models you choose are covered by an indefinite warranty. We deliver your orders to you with the assurance of Anadolu Sigorta. We also continue this assurance after your order has been delivered to you. In this way, we make it possible for you to return the model you choose within 14 days or replace it with any product with the same price tag within 30 days. In order to reflect your style in the best way and to benefit from the privileges of Piano Jewellery, you can order immediately with advantageous piercing prices.

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