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    4.982 / 5.000 Çeviri sonuçları Baguette rings, one of the most preferred jewelry of recent times, have a privileged originality with their natural shape and geometric patterns. Baguette ring models, which usually have a flashy combination that will attract everyone's attention; It adds a different style to its owner in a marriage proposal, as an engagement ring or for personal use.


    What is a Baguette Ring?


    The word baguette has passed into our language from French. The drumstick, known as long thin French bread, is the term for the shape described in stick form. The word baguette, which is also used to express small angular diamond jewelry, is also derived from the French word "bague", which means small jewellery.

    The baguette cut, which is preferred in ring, necklace, earring or bracelet models today, has a rectangular shaped diamond form. Apart from this, it also takes its place in jewelry in the form of smaller square, flat or layered diamonds with tapered edges. Baguette ring models, which have a stylish and linear cut, can be in different forms depending on the area they will be used. For example, a diamond baguette ring to be gifted on Mother's Day can have a ratio of 5:1, while the gold baguette ring models preferred in marriage proposals are designed in a more flamboyant and long style.


    What Should Be Considered When Choosing Baguette Rings?


    Baguette diamond jewelry, which left its mark on the Art Deco period that emerged in France, usually has 14 facets and is lighter in carat than other diamond jewelry. Choosing among the baguette ring models with classical and sophisticated designs depends entirely on the taste of the user. You can choose the model you want among baguette rings or necklace designs that can be designed with many cuts and precious stones. Things to consider when choosing can be summarized as follows:

    · Baguette ring sizes are usually the same size, as it is more important than the carat weight. Engravings around the center diamond can only create minor carat differences.

    · Other stones used in baguette ring design should also be considered. Other precious stones, such as diamonds, which are preferred on the sides, should match the middle stone color.

    · As the diamond stones of baguette diamond rings contain less sparkle, they easily hide natural imperfections and inclusions. Therefore, when choosing, the diamond stone should have a high level of clarity.

    · While choosing, a different style can be created with models that combine yellow, red, white gold baguette rings or other precious stones such as platinum.

    · When choosing a baguette ring, certified models should be preferred, since it is difficult to distinguish imitation models with the naked eye.

    · Finger structure of the person who will use the baguette ring is another criterion during the selection process. On the other hand, if he has a thick and large hand, smaller shaped baguette ring models should be preferred. 


    How to Care for Baguette Ring?


    In continuous use, baguette ring maintenance must be done at regular intervals. Baguette ring, bracelet and necklace models, which have the designs in which the diamond shines and shines in the most spectacular way, need to be cleaned in order not to lose their sparkle.

    Continuous use of your baguette ring may cause dulling in color due to dust, dirt and cleaning products over time. For this reason, it is recommended to clean the ring at least once a month. No chemical cleaning product should be used during maintenance. In general, although stones such as diamonds and diamonds are the hardest minerals in the world, they can be scratched or cracked by hard impacts.

    The first thing to do when cleaning your baguette ring is to first wash the product in clean water for 5 minutes. If your ring is very dirty, you can gently rub the ring in a small bowl of water with 1 teaspoon of vinegar. You can then rinse it with clean water and dry it with a lint-free cloth.

    If more than one small stone has been used in the design of your baguette cut diamond ring and dirt has accumulated between these stones, you can clean it with warm water and a cotton swab. However, you should not put any chemical cleaning agent in the cleaning water. You can gently rub the ring with warm water and a cotton swab, and in the presence of stubborn dirt, you can brush it with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Cleaning this way at least once or twice a month will allow you to use your ring brightly and flamboyantly for much longer.


    Baguette Ring Models Most Suitable for Fingers


    Although baguette ring models usually consist of four-cornered cuts, some special designs may be more rounded. Oval-shaped tiny diamonds framing the center stone, which is especially preferred in solitaire baguette rings, form more rounded baguette rings.

    Its magnificent designs with softened forms offer eye-catching shine with its unique elegance.

    Baguette diamond rings, which are preferred as wedding rings, can also be used in full form. Such models, which are ideal for those who do not want a second solitaire ring next to their wedding ring, can be in the form of a baguette cut full diamond. When considered in terms of baguette ring prices, these types of models, which are relatively higher priced, are called marquise, princess, baguette and round cut according to the stone cut. Among the full-turn baguette rings, which are basically one of the most precious jewels, models suitable for every budget can be found in terms of design, workmanship and cut.

    Baguette ring models, the most classic indicator of love, have been the leading actor of marriage proposals and love confessions for decades. If you also want to give a valuable gift to your loved one or yourself, you can find a design for every taste in Piano Jewelery's wide range of original baguette ring, necklace, earring and bracelet models.

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