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    Outstanding Design

    As Piano Jewellery, being satisfied at the stage of the design of a product keeps us doing our job with love and enthusiasm and all our processes start by focusing on the design. Our design office that is contained in the company have been done the honors of many awarded and meritorious designers. With our craftsmen who are experts on jewellery design and production, we have been keeping to develop our products with a team in which each and every one has set their heart on this business. From Design Team to Production and Marketing Team, each department calculates the journey of a developed design till to the last buyer and the harmony of creativity and the sustainability, in its very unique and unexampled design experience is aimed.

    Adopting innovative and experimental approaches as principle during a design process is what makes us different from many other companies. To achieve the unachievable, to bring matchless designs into being, to interpret jewellery as a work of art by pulling it away from just being a product creates our daily motivation.

    Origination of Technic

    Today in our Atelier many technics which are identified with our production line, and developed styles that are named after our expertise are practiced every day and not settling with what we have done till this day, we focus to achieve one step forward. Fire and cold enamel appliances, coloration by lapping are master technics of our Atelier.

    Fire enamel in its pure form is mixed with glass dust and metal oxides to reach the intended color and it is fired to form on the jewelry; however, for this practice it is very crucial to sustain right amount of mixture and color. To reach the perfect look and the color shades on the applied items, very long and repeated processes are held. At this point, we, as Piano Jewellery, are very capable of succession of all these processes with our reputable team.

    Color lapping which is a heat treatment with a special technic, allows us to color gold into rainbow-like vivid and multicolored looks; color lapping is very much identified with our Atelier in Turkish jewellery industry. This unique technique that has been practiced for many years in our productions, is as important as fire enamel for our collections.

    Gem Vision

    Sine qua non of jewellery, Gem Stones have a very special role in Pianogold’s designs. Besides very high-quality stones as Diamonds, Sapphire, Emerald and Ruby, semi-precious stones which are also very valuable in their category such as Pearl, Amethyst, Citrine, Onyx, Mother of Pearl, Coral, Turquoise etc. various natural stones are combined in our designs and collections, they are sourced with great care by examined in shape, cut and calibration. Gem Specialists who are employed in our team, work hand in hand with suppliers and choose our stones within thousands of gems. The quality of the stones and their calibration to the design is checked in the second phase before the application, no mistake is admissible. In gem stone department of our Atelier, there are more than 30 different species and as size, shape, cut and color we have more than 1000 species of stones.

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