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Natural Stones according to Horoscopes and Their Characteristics

Burçlara Göre Doğal Taşlar ve Özellikleri

The horoscopes are a part wondered about by any people. Each horoscope has unique characteristics, and the people are show these characteristics in general. By making a short investigation, you may find out that each horoscope has its own colors, hair models and, most importantly, natural stones. These natural stones called as horoscope stone enables you to enter in a positive lifecycle by changing your energy.

These natural stones of the horoscopes are among the objects believed that they bring not only a good fortune but also positive energy. You may use these stones as it is, or as earring, bracelet, or necklace. You may gift these precious stones to your friends or beloved ones and purchase them to use on your special days and invitations. If you do not like to put your bet bin and tucker, then you may use these natural stones in the form of energy tower or massage stone. In addition to this, you may completely feel the energy of the stones in small sizes enabling you to carry them in your bag.   

What Does Natural Stones Mean for Horoscope?

The horoscopes are determined according to the date of births. There are one or more than one precious stones suitable for such horoscope’s characteristics. These stones are also called as astral stones in astrology. The precious stones symbolize several beliefs from time immemorial and continues to have such importance. In addition to this, it is known that these stones have protective and regeneration effects on the people. 

There are one or more than one precious stones suitable for such horoscope’s characteristics. These stones not only have certain characteristics but also close to the personality characteristics. In other words, as you may choose it according to your horoscope, you may think to choose a natural stone that you believe in its energy. So, you are not required to addict precious stones of the horoscopes. You may also prefer a precious stone which has a special meaning for you, or the one you believe that it as energy.  You may also think to choose a precious stone according to the following selection criteria.

You may select a precious stone according to

  • Chakra
  • Healing or intention
  • Energy level, or color and design characteristics.

If you are a person interested in astrology, then you know that there are horoscope stones accepted in this area. You may qualify these stones as lucky stones effecting horoscope characteristics. You may sure that these stones shall directly affect your relations, career, and success story. Such stones are also called as healing stones according to the horoscopes in some sources. So, which precious stone should be chosen for which horoscope? Now, you may check our subtitles guiding you on the precious stones and use of horoscopes.

Stones of Aries

The Aries is a horoscope in the category of fire group. Therefore, ruby, onyx, amethyst, and coral stones are the healing stones for you. Each stone has a unique energy.  For example, onyx stone gives a positive energy to your life, and amethyst stone protects you against fear. The ruby stone gives you spiritual relaxation. The accessories made of coral stone strengthen your emotional relationships.

Stones of Taurus

The Taurus is a horoscope in the category of earth group. The stones for Taurus are emerald and turquoise. For example, emerald stone not only strengthen your success feeling but also family relations. It is believed that the turquoise stone brings good fortune. If the Taurus people feel sick, they are recommended to carry these stones with you.

Stones of Gemini

The Gemini is a horoscope in the category of air group. Therefore, jasper and moon stones are the healing stones for you. For example, the jasper stone gives peace and confidence. It is also known that the jasper stones reduce the pain, so the women are recommended that they use these stones during menstrual periods. The moon stones provide emotional relaxation.

Stones of Cancer

The Cancer is a horoscope in the category of water group. The stones for Cancer people (whose emotional characteristics are dominant) are tiger’s eyes, quartz, and perlite stones. The tiger’s eyes stone also known as independent stone protects you from bad energy by emitting positive energy to its around. When you us quartz stone, you may easily feel that it absorbs radiation. The accessories made of coral stone have a characteristic like that it gathers positive energy. These stones shall calm you and make your adaption to environment easier.


Stones of Leo

The Leo person is a kind of cold piece of work. The stones for Leo are amber and topaz. The amber stone not only has aphrodisiac effect, but also strengthen self-confidence.  The effect of jasper stone on the women is to avoid of guilt feelings. The topaz stone strengthen the memory and judgment ability.

Stones of Virgo

The Virgo is a horoscope in the category of earth group. The stones for Virgo are zircon and citrine. The zircon stone provide a mental relaxation, and the citrine stone increase positive energy on the person. In addition to this, it is believed that the citrine stone attracts money.

Stones of Libra

The Libra is a horoscope in the category of air group. The stones for Libra are tourmaline and jasper. The tourmaline provide balance to your emotional relations. The Jasper stone provides peace and restful feeling. In addition to this, these stones shall protect you emotionally against exorbitance.

Stones of Scorpius

The Scorpius is a horoscope in the category of water group. The stones for Scorpius are obsidian and garnet. The obsidian strengthens your self-confidence and logic thinking. The garnet is very effective against amnesia and increase sensitivity in terms of sexuality. In addition to this, it is known that both stones may have positive effect on digestive system.

Stones of Saggitarius

The Saggitarius is a horoscope in the category of fire group. The stones for Saggitarius are topaz and amethyst. The topaz has not only positive effect on mental health, but also increase spiritual powers. The amethyst stone makes you look positively to life by increasing your life energy.

Stones of Capricorn 

The Capricorn is a horoscope in the category of earth group. The stones for Capricorn are onyx and turquoise. The onyx stone supports you to eliminate addictions by providing bilateral relations. You should use these stones especially if you want to give up smoking.  The turquoise, one of the stones allocated to Capricorn is a precious metal bringing a good fortune.


Stones of Aquarius

The Aquarius is a horoscope in the category of air group. The stone for Aquarius is aquamarine. This stone is very effective for establishing inner peace and serenity and support you to increase your self-confidence. Especially, you may think to carry this stone with you during job interviews or first meetings.  

Stones of Pisces

The last horoscope to be assessed in terms of lucky stones is pisces. The healing stones of the pisces people, one of the water horoscopes, are opal and quartz. The opal stone which is also known as rainbow stone not only increases feeling of trust but also eliminates negative energies. The quartz absorbs radiation in the environment and gives positive energy to the environment.

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