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    What Are Gold Bracelet Models? How to Choose and Care for a Gold Bracelet?

    Günlük Kombinleriniz İçin Takı Önerileri!

    What Are Gold Bracelet Models?

    Although there are countless gold bracelet models designed for women, the finger designs stand out considerably. Although there are countless gold bracelet models designed for women, the finger designs stand out considerably. If you like traditional designs, you can use the finger bracelets with love and if you want to support this traditional style, you can decorate your ankles with anklets. In addition, the collection includes different varieties such as plain chain bracelets, with stone bracelets complemented with elegant and precious stones, and enamel bracelets that combine enamel engraving with a bracelet. Of course, plain bracelet models are also produced for those who cannot give up minimal designs. It is also possible to add white gold bracelet types to these prominent models.

    How to Care for a Gold Bracelet and How to Measure a Gold Bracelet Size?

    There are several different ways to measure your wrist size correctly. For this, you can measure with a string while holding your wrist horizontally. You can then measure the rope that completely covers your wrist from end to end with the help of a ruler and you can reach the most accurate result. In addition, you can also measure your already used bracelets by laying them on top of a ruler. When you combine all your fingers, the size of the widest place in the middle of your hand also gives your ideal bracelet size.

    When you buy the right bracelet, it is possible to preserve the first day glow of your bracelet thanks to the simple care you can do at home. “How to care for a gold bracelet?" The answer to his question is quite simple. With a soft toothbrush, you can apply toothpaste to your jewellery and wipe it after 30 minutes. This application will be enough for your gold bracelet to shine and clean. Another method is to soak your wristband in a mixture of baking soda, vinegar and water for 30 minutes and rinse thoroughly. You can do the same with two tablespoons of lemon juice, one tablespoon of salt and water.

    What Should Be Considered When Choosing A Gold Bracelet?

    • First, you should decide where and with which clothes to use the bracelet.
    • You should choose models that are compatible with your overall style and combinations.
    • You should choose bracelets that complement you by turning to designs suitable for your wrist.
    • You should examine the workmanship in detail and observe pattern errors.
    • You should pay attention that the product you choose is invoiced and guaranteed.
    • You can solve the problems that may arise in your accessories more easily by shopping with corporate and reliable companies.

    How to Determine Gold Bracelet Prices?

    As with all gold jewellery types, the first factor that determines the price is how many carats the accessory you choose. In addition, when determining gold bracelet prices, labor is also included in the unit price of gold. Thus, the main factor that makes the difference in price is the model you choose. On the other hand, current changes in exchange rates are also reflected in the prices of gold bracelets and all jewellery produced from gold. As Piano Jewellery we have been producing jewellery and offer you the most economical prices for three generations. Thanks to the techniques we have developed by doing laboratory studies and our modern design understanding, we are constantly developing and progressing. You can have all the products you choose from the Piano Jewellery collections with the invoice and warranty certificate. We deliver your orders with the assurance of Anadolu Sigorta. You can return the bracelets you ordered from Piano Jewellery within 14 days or replace them with another bracelet with the same price tag within 30 days. To enjoy all these privileges and the assurance of Piano Jewellery, you can order immediately.

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