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    What is Carat?

    Karat Nedir?

    Diamond is one of the products that come to the fore among the jewelry types and that women take great pleasure in using. Diamond models, which attract attention with their brilliance, are extremely stylish products that attract attention in your environment. You can find a diamond model that suits your style in the Piono Jewelery product collection.


    One of the concepts that comes to mind when a diamond is mentioned is the diamond carat value. Carat is a unit of weight measurement of a diamond. A 1-carat diamond weighs approximately 200 mg. This corresponds to approximately 0.2 grams. Diamond models are offered for sale in different carat weights. The measurement of very precious stones such as diamonds is also determined by carat weight.


    Users who want to buy jewelry containing diamonds or similar precious stones, first start to research the question of what is carat. With a simple research, you can find the answer to the question of what is a diamond carat. For this, you can read the rest of our article.


    What is a Carat in a Diamond?


    Carat is a very important factor in the diamond industry, as well as a factor determining the weight of the jewelry. Although carat stands out as a concept that expresses the weight and size of the diamond, it is very important in terms of the quality of the diamond.


    A carat can be thought of as a whole divided into 100 equal parts. So half a carat is expressed as 0.5 ct. For example, a 4 carat diamond is offered for sale as 4 ct. It would be a correct assessment to state that carat is the value of the jewelry model. Factors such as finger size, shape and weight of the jewelry, personal tastes and budget of the wearer determine what carat weight you can buy. Diamond rings in the product collection are offered for sale according to different carat weights.


    What is Carat in Diamond?


    Diamond is the hardest known type of mineral. One modification of the carbon elements is graphite while the other is diamond. A French chemist was the first that has discovered that diamond is a pure carbon. The chemist in question burned the diamond and only carbon dioxide gas emerged as a result of the combustion reaction. When this result was examined, it was understood that the diamond consisted only of the carbon element.


    Carat weight is very important in diamond products. Diamond jewelry models with a high carat ratio are naturally more valuable.


    What is the Ideal Carat Weight?


    Every woman's dream is to have a ring or necklace model with as high a carat ratio as possible. The higher the diamond carats, the more valuable the jewelry model. When determining the ideal carat weight of the diamond, an evaluation called the 4C rule is made. These principles are cut, colour, clearity and carat values. In other words, carat weight is determined by cut, color, clarity and carat values.


    The weight of the carat diamond comes first among the factors that determine the material value of the diamond. This carat weight is also taken into account when calculating the diamond values. In line with the budget possibilities, you can choose the jewelry model in the carat ratio you want. 0,5-carat diamond prices are within the relatively affordable range, while 6-carat diamond prices are naturally higher.


    What are the Diamond Carat Measurements?


    Karat is an English term and refers to the word carat (ct). 1 carat is equivalent to 200 mg of weight. However, in the jewelry industry there are also diamond models with a carat ratio of less than 1 carat. The user can select the desired product in the carat ratios currently produced. In addition, you can choose the right product by considering the following points.


    Diamond Cut


    In addition to the research on what carat means, we may say that the cut of the diamond is one of the issues you should consider in your selection criteria. A diamond with a structure that is suitable with its symmetry and dimensions will look much more ostentatious.


    Color of the Diamond


    Although diamond carat values ​​are very important, the color of the diamond is also an element that should be taken into account. Diamonds are obtained under extreme pressure and temperature. The movements of the elements during formation determine the color of the diamond. Although yellow is the original color of the diamond, the color of the jewelry evolves into bright white during this process. The color of the diamond is expressed by letter codes such as D, E, F.   


    Clarity of the Diamond


    Diamonds contain very small carbon elements. It is these carbon elements that give the diamond its shine. The clarity of each diamond is different from each other. Considering only the carat value of the diamond you buy it, may prevent you from obtaining the shine you desire. For example, if you bought a 5 carat diamond ring and its clarity does not satisfy you, you may not get enough pleasure from the use of the products.


    Calculation and History of Carat


    It is estimated that the first use of carat took place in and around the Middle East around 500 BC.  Calculation methods have changed over time. Today, precision scales are used to calculate diamond carats. The higher the value found after the carat calculation process, the higher the value of the diamond.


    Although the carat weight is the most important factor that determines the value of the diamond, it is seen that some other factors also affect this value. Among the rich product collection of Piano Jewellery you can find the diamond model that suits better your taste and budget.  You can be sure that you will be amazed by the quality of the diamond you will buy. Products that combine quality and attractive price are now offered to you with the difference of Piano Jewelery.

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