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    One of the vital questions that comes to the mind of those who are considering getting a piercing, and in our opinion, this is the most important one: " Where did you get a piercing? Can you recommend it? Where can you get a piercing in a healthy way without any problems?" Just before answering these and similar questions, "Where should piercings NOT be worn?" We want to start with this. Later, we will shed light on this issue in detail, where to get a piercing .

    Where Not to Get PIERCING?

    Sir, piercing cannot be done in makeshift places, which we can call under the stairs, or in places that are unaware of sterilization and use inadequate and low quality materials. In such places where hygiene conditions are not taken into consideration, the result always ends in disappointment. You ask why? Because practices performed in such places invite infection.

    If you are doing research on piercing, you have surely come across at least one of the news or posts about people whose lives have been ruined due to infection. Moreover, if you have sensitive skin or your immune system is not strong enough, getting a piercing done in such places will cause more serious problems. Additionally, since the quality of the piercings used here will be low, we do not think that you will have a healthy and comfortable healing process. Especially if piercing is done with a gun... Only the earlobe can be pierced with a gun, a gun cannot be used in cartilage or other sensitive areas. Cartilage pierced with a gun cracks. We recommend that you stay away from such places that perform piercing with a gun.

    Another issue is the experience and expertise of the person doing the piercing... We do not think that he is an expert or professional piercer in under-stairs-makeshift studios. Unfortunately, a person who is a tattoo artist today may wear a piercing tomorrow. That's why he received professional training about piercing, if possible; You should choose certified and well-known application centers.

    So… Where is PIERCING Installed?

    By doing the right research, you can find piercing studios that perform healthy and correct practices. Before drilling in such studios, be sure to contact authorized persons and ask whether they have healthy workplace certificates. At the same time, you should also research the person who will do the drilling and their social media accounts; You should also learn how the drilling is done (is it done with a gun or a needle). Another important detail is whether anesthesia is performed during the piercing process. We recommend that you learn this before drilling. Numbing procedures vary, and many of these methods prolong the healing time of the punctured area.

    After getting the answers to the questions mentioned above, if there is no problem with the issues we mentioned, you can have the drilling done with peace of mind without any question marks in your mind.

    Why should I get pierced at PIANO PIERCING?

    Piano Piercing Clinical Application Studios has a healthy workplace certificate. Our piercers who perform piercing operations in our studios are trained by Piano Piercing Instructor and Consultant İpek Göçer .

    In our trainings, practice is carried out hundreds of times for various drilling areas.

    Our studios are cleaned before and after each process. The technical materials used come to our studio in single sterile packages; It is subjected to two different sterilization processes before the process. Technical materials are not sterilized and reused; After the process, new ones are supplied by sending them to the supplier company.


    Surgical operating gloves are used in Piano Piercing Clinical Application Studios. These gloves are of high quality and do not slip or puncture during the process.

    The waste used during the process is thrown into medical waste bins . While most studios use classic trash cans with open lids, Piano uses medical waste bins.


    During the drilling process, marking is not done with amateurish objects such as ballpoint pens. Marking is made with the help of a toothpick dipped in ink and the toothpick goes in the trash.

    Most importantly, there is absolutely no anesthesia during the piercing. With correct application, the feeling of pain is reduced to a minimum. The reason for this is that it does not interfere with the healing period. Anesthesia procedures not only damage the skin but also prolong the healing time.

    In short, in these days when we cannot keep up with the pace of daily life and miss many details, we may want to refresh ourselves and feel better by making some changes in our style. Piercing is one of these beautiful changes, and it is very important for both us and you to implement it in the healthiest way. Because health comes first; Unfortunately, we humans sometimes realize this after it is too late. Therefore, before getting a piercing done, please do your research well and be careful to have the procedure done in healthy studios! Let your health be your priority!

    Always take care of yourself!

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