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    Piercing , a type of jewelry, is one of the jewelry types that especially young people enjoy using. Piercing, which is preferred for different parts of the body such as ears, lips, eyebrows and chin, continues to attract the attention of enthusiasts with its different models and types every day. Do you think piercing is only trendy or preferred today? Of course no! This product, which has been used by both men and women since ancient times, has gained a serious place as the most preferred accessory and jewelry of those who want to be stylish.

    Piercing prices in 2023 vary depending on the region where the piercing will be performed. It would be wrong to talk about a specific pricing for this. Because before the transaction is carried out, it is necessary to consult with experts, clarify the area and price the transaction accordingly. However, we would like to point out that piercing is completely free at Piano Very Jewelery. You can have the products you purchase from stores safely applied in our clinical application studios located within our stores.


    Piercing types differ because they can be made in many parts of the body. This product, which is preferred with its varieties such as ear piercing, chin piercing, eyebrow piercing, facial piercing, tongue piercing, has been redesigned according to today's fashion concept to add trendy elegance to your style. At the same time, piercing names are also very nice nowadays, and by giving a different name for each product, the feature added to the product is increased.

    Piano Piercing has brought a brand new breath to piercing with its brand new products and eye-catching collections that reshape the aesthetic understanding in piercing. Of course, the fact that the products made with gold and precious stones are suitable for every budget reveals the difference of Piano. You can visit the nearest Piano Very Jewelery stores to examine the tragus piercing models, which are among the first and most popular models that come to mind when Piano Piercing is mentioned.


    The first question everyone should ask themselves before getting a piercing is; “Why should I get a piercing?” Because it is not a product that can be easily put on and taken off whenever desired, like piercing earrings or other accessories. Considering the areas where the piercing is placed, we would like to specifically point out that situations such as skin closure are a frequently encountered problem.

    Rather than finding the most trendy products in this variety, choosing piercings that will not cause any infection in the body and performing the piercing operations under hygienic conditions is one of the most important issues. You can get a piercing with peace of mind at Piano Very Jewelery, thanks to its collections that appeal to every taste, as well as its clinical piercing application studio, prepared for those who want to get a piercing.

    No matter how tasteful and stylish they are, getting a piercing is an important issue. Ultimately, no matter where the puncture site is, all medical procedures to be performed on the body must be carried out under absolutely hygienic conditions and with correct application methods. Otherwise (this issue is very important) it will be inevitable to encounter various infections.

    Piercing care is an issue that requires particular attention, just like piercing procedures. Piercing care varies for different areas, such as piercing sites .


    Piano Piercing, with its clinical piercing application studio that provides service under sterile and hygienic conditions, as well as a variety of quality products;

    Healthy workplace certificate,
    Dyson Air Purifier,
    First quality surgical gloves,
    medical waste boxes,
    Professional application with toothpick marking,
    Professional and trained piercers,

    There are rules that cannot be ignored. We say rules because these are the most obvious issues that will not change and will not be compromised.

    Piano Piercing clinical application studios are available in our Nuruosmaniye, Nişantası and Antalya stores. By visiting the clinical practice studio closest to you, you can examine the products, get prices, and get a piercing easily in the studios.

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