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    No irritating substances are applied to the piercing area!

      Irritating substances such as disinfectant, alcohol, cologne, antibacterial soap, tea tree oil, St. John's wort oil are not applied to the piercing area.

      Cooling spray is not used before the procedure!

        Cooling sprays cause frostbite in the area to be treated and burn the skin. In correct application by expert piercers, there is no need for cooling spray.

        Not everyone can get every Piercing!

          Everyone's anatomy is different. For this reason, the procedure should be performed after an anatomy check by a specialist piercer.

          Not every Piercing can be fitted in every area!

            Different jewelry should be chosen to suit different parts of the body. Jewelry can be changed after the area is completely healed.

            Once the piercing is placed, it cannot be moved!

              The piercing does not stick to your flesh, on the contrary, as you move it, you reopen the wound and make it harder for it to heal.

              No drilling with a gun!

                In procedures performed with a gun, the skin is torn and the procedure is not sterile because the same gun is used for everyone.

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