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    Choosing Jewelry According to Hair Color and Skin Tone

    Saç Rengine ve Cilt Tonuna Göre Takı Seçimi

    Why is Choosing Jewelry According to Hair Color and Skin Tone Important?
    Being informed about which jewelery metals and gemstones you should choose is very important in order to create unique style elements. Have you ever thought that the earrings or necklace you wear every day might not actually match your skin or hair color? Some accessories can make you look more radiant and lively according to your hair color, skin tone and eyes, while others can make you look pale. Therefore, before adding a new piece of jewelry to your jewelry collection, you can start by determining your skin tone and hair color.


    How to Choose Jewelry According to Hair Color?
    Although hair color is an often overlooked detail in jewelery selection, it greatly affects a person's overall appearance. Since hair and jewelry are the two closest elements to revealing the natural glow of the face, they must be in harmony. For this reason, it is very important to consider your hair color when determining the metal or stone color of the jewelry that will suit you best.

    The possibilities for blond hair are quite wide. However, some tones help blonde-haired women look more lively and fresh. Earrings or necklaces made of precious stones such as sapphire and blue topaz create a minimal contrast and look fascinating. Especially in summer, bronze earrings and bronze necklaces suit the tanned and glowing skin of blondes.
    Neutral toned jewelery looks great on red-haired women. In order to balance the intense warm effect caused by red hair, natural and precious stones consisting of earth tones can be preferred. Silver earrings and necklaces are not recommended as they make red-haired women look paler.
    Brown women also have a rich color choice in the selection of accessories. Stones such as red and purple make auburn look more striking. Gold earrings, necklaces, and rings also look great on warm undertones. Bronze necklaces and other jewelry models are also suitable for those looking for a different and extraordinary choice.
    Silver necklaces, earrings and other jewelry are recommended for brunette women with cool tones. Brunettes, who can easily carry all jewelry with bold and bright tones, look very good with precious stones such as emeralds.

    How Should Jewelery Be Selected According to Skin Color?
    The jewelery you choose should match your skin tone to complement you best. Skin tones are generally classified in three ways as cool, warm and neutral. The easiest and most practical way to determine skin tone is to check the veins on the inside of your wrist under natural light. If the veins on your wrist are more blue or purple, you have a cool skin tone. Even if your veins look greener, you have a warm undertone. But if you can't make a clear distinction between the two, you have a neutral skin tone. People with cool undertones tend to be more pinkish when sunburned, while people with warm undertones tend to tan more easily.

    Yellow gold looks quite attractive especially on warm skin tones. Gold bracelet, necklace, piercing or earrings; It pairs well with brown, green, orange, yellow and turquoise colored gemstones.
    Silver and white gold look great with cooler skin tones. Silver and white gold jewelry can be used with vibrant stones in purple, pink, crimson and blue colors and with diamond variations.
    Rose gold charm, anklet or sahmeran models adapt to many skin tones. You can combine rose jewelry, which can also be paired with other metals, in a versatile way by including it in your jewelry box.
    For those who enjoy bending the rules, there are also jewelry types in which different colors of metals are used. Mixed baguette ring models with elegant and minimal designs are especially useful in daily life as they can be used with many different accessories.
    Piano Jewelery offers dozens of different jewelry options, suitable for skin and hair color, to make you feel brighter and better. Right now, you can attract all eyes by purchasing stylish jewelery with Piano Jewelery privileges!

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