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    How can hoop ring combinations be made?

    Yüz Şeklinize Göre Küpe Seçimi Nasıl Olmalı?

    Hoop earring comes to prominent as an accessory which has been protecting its popularity every time for long years. Jewelries with countless model options appealing to every style and to women of all ages come together with the designs giving direction to fashion. In addition to being one of the trendy pieces of every season, different shapes and model selections make a contribution the popularity of hoop earrings. Piano Jewellery allows you to discover the alternative pieces with the best models and designs.     

    Round hoop earrings that can be combined with both sport and classical dresses have two options as big and small. When selecting the accessories produced in golden or silver model, face type and hair style should be taken into consideration. Earrings catching an attractive harmony with casual combinations can also be worn with classical combinations worn at business meetings or with an elegant dress for dinner.  

    Hair style is extremely important in terms of using and making earrings prominent. If you have short and wavy hair, hoop earring models can brighten the star of your combination. If your hair is long, you can match all hoop earrings in big or small forms with ponytail model. In this way, you can acquire both a feminine look and an elegant combination.  

    For sport uses, you can combine jeans and basic t-shirts with earrings. Earring models of Piano Jewelry inspire lots of combinations with its thick and thin design options. Designs also answering the question of “how is jewelry combination made” allow women of all ages to reflect their style.     

    Points to be considered in Selection of Hoop Earring

    There are several offers summarizing combination in all jewelry models. However, people should make right selections in order that they reveal their combinations and styles. Answers to the questions such as whether they are thick and thin, golden or silver are given below. 

    1- Select Hoop Earring suitable for your Face

    One of the most important points to be considered is the shape of face. Face shape is very important in using hoop earring. If you have a round face, selecting small hoop earring instead of the big ones will be more suitable. However, if you have a long face, you can prefer big hoop earrings in your combinations. In this way, you can make your face plumper. 


    2- Find the Earring Model for your Style

    Hoop earrings mostly having similar shapes are available on the market with different models and types from each other. You can find the best one for your style and make your combination. Earrings that differ from each other with color, pattern, size and by being stone and no stone earrings influence your style with different style options. Being big and small as the most distinguished characteristic makes selection suitable for style easy. Hoop earrings in small sizes go with classical style while big hoop earrings are mostly suitable for sport style. This may vary depending on clothing combination, color selection, hair style or face shape.     

    3- Right Earring Selection according to Neck Height and Hair Style. 

    Long and short neck is among the points that should be taken into consideration when selecting hoop earring, If you have a long neck and small face, big hoop earring will not be suitable for you. Instead, you should prefer using small hoop earrings. Even if you can find an earring model for nearly all hair models, the most suitable hair style for hoop earrings is ponytail or bun. You can also get the right use with messy hair and by wearing off-the-shoulder dress or blouse. Big hoop earrings are more attractive in such combinations. 

    How do you wear Hoop Earrings?

    Hoop earrings are primary accessories that many women wear fondly. They appeal to every style with big, medium or minimal size designs. Availability of countless selections allows women to select the right model for every combination. In this way, different models and countless selections also cause the manner of wearing them to be different. There are clip on earrings or no clip on earrings. This naturally changes the manner of wearing it to be different.  


    Harmony of Hoop Earrings with Other Accessories

    You can draw the whole attention to your face by selecting a hoop earring in combinations. If you think of wearing a big hoop earring, it is better to select the other pieces in the jewelry combination in minimal sizes. In this way, start piece in the combination is earring. You can create the same effect with multiple earring combinations. If you like wearing multiple earring combinations, it will be better to select the other earrings in smaller sizes except for hoop earrings.    


    If the question “how are big earrings combined?” is a problem you, don’t worry. If you want to make your combination elegant by selecting a big and radiant necklace, you can make hoop earring selections from among small models. Instead of preferring big necklace with big hoop earrings, you can use the accessories such as ring, watch. Apart from these, you can acquire a classy look by wearing a sunglass or ring piercing.   

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