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    What is "Gold Jewellery and Gemstone Certificate"?

    Altın Takı ve Mücevher Sertifikası Nedir?

    What Is A Jewellery Certificate?

    A jewellery certificate is a certificate in which the value of jewellery made from materials such as gold or diamonds is determined and all processing details are included. With this certificate, you can learn features such as diamond clarity status, cut, carat, gram and diamond color, which are especially high in value. Since the situation that changes the prices of gold jewellery in the market is related to the certificate, the degree of purity causes these numbers to differ from each other. You can easily understand how much your own jewellery is valued thanks to the color qualification, whether the jewellery is made with natural stones, and some policies and applications such as G-F-H-I.

    What is Carat?

    The conditions that increase the value of the product in the certificate are purity and of course basis weight. Carat, a measure of weight for precious stones, corresponds to ⅕ of 1 gram, i.e. 200 milligrams. Among the precious stones, the value of the stone included in the certificate of products such as diamonds and gold is also among the important considerations that need to be carefully examined.

    The Importance of Certificate in Gold and Diamond Jewellery

    Certification of gold jewellery is done because the color of gold must be determined most clearly. Some gold can be difficult to classify based on color. Therefore, the more yellowish the color of gold, the higher it should be in the class. The first preliminary examinations of gold are made by experts on the subject, and then other protocols are applied respectively.

    Clarity is another important detail determining the certificate of gold and diamond jewellery. Clarity in making jewellery is a factor that changes the price and raises the certificate class, as it always makes the jewellery look more elegant and shiny. After these detailed examinations are made by gemologists, the clarity of the ring can be increased a little more in the hands of the master. Before the final certification process, the jeweler polishes the gold with some methods and the final clarity is processed into the certificate. “What's the jewellery bill?“ question can be answered by certificates where all these features coexist.

    Certificates Varying by Jeweler

    Some jewelers may offer the product for sale with their own company certificate. In this case, all the necessary examinations are in the hands of the company and the certificate presented to you is not of international value. Because gold is an element that changes jewellery prices, jewellery of equivalent quality purchased from a corporate jewellery store may be more expensive than other jewelers. Because corporate jewellery stores will offer an international certificate, while other standard jewellery companies will only offer a company certificate. When you buy jewellery with the company's certificate, you should definitely choose a jeweler you know or trust. Since there are some terms that prevent deception, especially in company certificates, it is not possible for you to understand without being an expert on the subject. For this reason, it gives confidence to know that the jeweler you prefer is a corporate and well-known company.

    Thanks to your certificate, you also have the opportunity to send your gold jewellery to the institution from which you purchased it for repair. Therefore, it is important that you carefully store your jewellery certificate so that you do not have problems with the repair process. The certificate given to you is usually kept in the gold jewellery box. Because failure to read, tear or damage the certificate will make it difficult to repair or second hand sell your gold jewellery used, it is useful to store your certificate in a moisture-proof area. If you have an international certificate, you can have your gold repaired wherever you want or sell second hand. However if you have a company certificate, you can only have the jewellery repaired at the institution where you purchased it, and you can sell it at any jeweler you want. The certificate of the product you will buy from the jeweler or corporate stores you know and trust can be national or international, as it will be processed in accordance with the required protocols. The fact that jewellery has an international certificate indicates that you will convert your jewellery into the country's currency also in the countries you go to. Some jewellery can be more expensive than others just because of this. Because jewellery certificates are certified, it cannot be sold without the necessary protocols.

    If you are looking for a reliable store in certificate and trading transactions, Piano Jewelery's expert staff is waiting for you both the sales process and after sales support.

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