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    Why Shouldn't There Be a Discount on Gold Jewellery?

    Altın Takı ve Mücevherde Neden İndirim Yapılmamalı?

    Time Travel of Precious Jewellery

    All the precious stones preferred in jewellery making reach you after a difficult journey. The jewellery models prepared with intense labor and patience take their final form in the most appropriate way for your taste. In this process, so many people have labor that the figure indicated in the discount is not the equivalent of these labor and effort.

    So-called discount gold jewellery or diamond jewellery models are actually made of compositions that show a high stone or material value, but are actually low. Of course, there are also situations of the opposite. In other words, products with high stone and craftsmanship value can also be the subject of discount campaigns. However, high-value jewels are shown as a discount by adding a little more value.

    Chaos of Pretending to Make Discount

    As soon as you hear about the discount, your mind may change and you may wonder if there is something suitable for you. But when you enter that store with the sale poster, things change completely. The seller explains the products to you so well that you buy a piece of jewellery you do not need and do not like very much just because it is on discount. So, in this case, does the discount work for you? You buy a product you don't need with the thought of using it later, and then you can neither sell it nor use it later. Thus, the institutions that make discounts achieve their purpose.

    Let's say you visited the stores where there are discounts when you need them. In this case, the value of the jewellery you will buy will be shown higher and it will be reflected as if it has been discounted. From this respect, if you do not want to compromise on quality, close your eyes and ears to ads published on discount days.

    If a product is on discounted sale, you must think of the following two questions:

    • Are remain unsold products of the seller on discount?
    • Is the certified first class material on sale?

    It is highly probable that, with both its craftsmanship and premium material, a high-value gem cannot be discounted. This applies to all vendors. You will never see that the jewels that make a difference with their value and high quality are discounted. On discount days, these high-quality jewelries are taken into consideration. In fact, no discounts are made for expensive products, but the buyer's mind that arrives for a discount is tried to be confused. Then before you know it, you bought the jewellery that scares you when you see the price. That's how sales policy beats you 1-0.

    Precious Jewellery Cannot Have Discount!

    Discount chaos actually applies to every category. At this point, the only thing to know is that precious stones such as gold or diamonds with a really high value and quality workmanship will never be available for real discount. The material value and processing of these precious stones require so much effort and time that discounting will only be to the detriment of the seller.

    Products with less quality in terms of value and class may benefit you depending on your taste and financial strength. Jewelries appeal to your budget as well as to your taste. So how much money you will devote to this job depends on your budget. You might like to keep track of the so-called discounts that sellers make. In this case, you should pay attention to the quality values of the discounted products and why they may have been discounted.

    If you want to own gold jewellery and other gems at the most accurate and up-to-date prices and are looking for an honest seller, you are at the right address. You can choose from the wide product range of Piano Jewellery and buy the products you like safely at the most affordable prices.

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