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    Lifetime Repair and Maintenance at Gold Jewelries and Gems

    Altın Takı ve Mücevherlerde Ömür Boyu Tamir ve Bakım

    How to Polish Gold?

    It is extremely important that gold jewellery has a dazzling shine. Intensively used gold jewellery loses its luster over time and exhibits a blackened appearance. To resolve this situation, you can apply any of the following gold jewellery care methods.

    • To shine blackened gold, you can boil water in a bowl and drip a finger of dish washing liquid into it. After boiling the detergent water for a few minutes, you can throw your gold jewellery into the water. You can then take the water off from the stove and let it cool. After the water starts to cool, you can complete the polishing process by removing your gold and cleaning it with a brush.
    • You can also polish your blackened gold using white soap and ammonia. You can grate a white soap into a teapot of water and add a cup of ammonia. Then you can throw your gold jewellery into this mixture and soak it in water for 40 minutes. After the waiting process is over, you can remove your jewellery and gently wipe it with a leather cloth. After this process, you will see that your gold has regained its first day's shine.

    How to Care for Diamond Jewellery?

    Diamond jewellery may also have a blackening problem over time, just like jewellery made of gold. It is extremely simple to restore the diamonds to their former appearance, which have lost their luster and become matte. By following the steps below, you can easily maintain diamonds and make your diamonds look dazzling.

    • Fill a bowl with water and add dishwashing liquid to it. Whisk the water and detergent in the bowl and foam well.
    • Put your diamond jewellery in the foamed water and let it leave for 20 minutes.
    • After the waiting period is over, remove your jewellery from the water and brush with a soft-tipped brush without damaging the diamond texture.
    • Once you are sure that all the stains have come out, place your jewellery on a strainer and rinse with warm water.
    • After rinsing, wipe your jewellery with a soft microfiber cloth. Your diamond jewellery is ready for use! Enjoy it!

    How is Gold and Diamond Repair Performed?

    Gold and diamond jewellery can take various impacts and undergo deformation during their use period. Among the most common jewellery damages, problems such as chain breakage, opening of the rings on the jewellery ends, falling stones and breaking the clips come to the fore. When repairing your gold and diamond jewellery, you can choose the piece replacement method. You can replace the broken chains or jewellery ends with new ones, or you can fix the problem by removing the problem link in the chain.

    On the other hand, more seriously damaged jewellery must be repaired by professional experts. Gold jewellery and diamond repair operations performed by non-experts in their field may cause your jewellery to be damaged more and even to become unusable. Therefore, when serious deformations occur in your gold and diamond jewellery, it is recommended to contact the institution from which you purchased the product and seek support from expert repairers. At this point, the approach of the company from which you purchased the product is also of great importance. Many companies meet your maintenance and repair needs only within the first 2 years and cut off their after-sales support after this period has expired. Whereas Piano Jewellery offers lifetime repair and maintenance services for gold jewellery and gems. By purchasing your jewellery from Piano Jewellery, you can benefit from after-sales support services throughout your life and display a seamless elegance with impressive jewellery.

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