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    What Is a Baguette Ring, What Are Its Features?

    Baget Yüzük Nedir, Özellikleri Nelerdir?

    What is a Baguette Ring?

    One of the most precious stones among natural mines is diamond. The diamond obtained by processing the diamond stone is named with different names according to the cut style. Apart from the round form, which is the most known and classic cut shape, there are many diamond cut styles such as emerald, princess, marquise, royal, radiant, heart, oval, triangle and cushion. Baguette cut is one of the most elegant and modern cut types of diamonds. This cut, which is usually applied in the form of angular and long rectangular bar, makes the diamond more extraordinary than its other forms. Baguette diamond rings are obtained by cutting the diamond stone with the "baguette cut" technique. Baguette rings, whose surface is decorated with straight lines, offer a unique look as they create a prismatic reflection under the light.

    What are Baguette Ring Features?

    Baguette ring is one of the most elegant jewellery types obtained by rectangular cut of the precious stone used in its design. This type of rings, which are more appealing than the classic round cut, are ideal for those looking for a different beauty. Angled surfaces that reflect light while cutting the precious stone are called facets. As to baguette rings are generally known for having 14 facet surfaces. However, due to the total cutting depth, the light reflection is not affected much and it always preserves its fascinating glow.

    The surface of the diamond prepared for baguette cut rings is flatter form than classical cuts. In this way, the prismatic light reflections of baguette rings are stronger as they look as if there are mirrors facing each other. So it looks flashier than it is.

    What Are Baguette Ring Models?

    Baguette ring models have classic shapes with a variety that will appeal to all tastes. Generally, angular and different sizes of stones are used in their designs. In some designs, besides a large four-cornered solitaire placed in the center, tiny stones can also be added. One of the most preferred baguette ring models of women who want to catch the current trends is the pave-set shaped baguette rings. Such designs, created by aligning angular shaped stones around the ring, are mostly preferred in gold rings with baguette stone designs. If you want to replace your wedding ring with a flashy model or to give your loved one an unforgettable gift, gold baguette ring models can be the perfect choice.

    It can be said that colors also change frequently in baguette ring design. Apart from the classic diamond or yellow gold color, white yellow, rose or rose-gold mixture ring, earring and bracelet combinations are common. If you want to combine your elegance with all your glory by using baguette jewellery designs as a whole on special occasions, you can try aesthetic and rare baguette jewellery combinations.

    How to Care for a Baguette Ring?

    Baguette cut diamonds and gold take their show off from their sparkle. For this reason, it is important to care for such jewellery at regular intervals so that it does not lose its sparkle. Otherwise, it may start to become dull over time and lose its former glory. Through this, it is recommended to pay attention to the following when caring for a baguette ring:

    • Chemical products should not be used in the care of jewellery such as baguette rings, earrings, necklaces. Such materials can cause more dullness in the stones of baguette jewellery.
    • During maintenance and cleaning, jewellery should be treated kindly and protected from impact. While diamonds are very hard stones, they can at least be damaged or cracked by hard blows.
    • Pure and clean water can be used for cleaning baguette rings and other jewellery. It will be enough to rinse with clean water and wipe with a lint-free cloth.
    • For cleaning highly contaminated baguette jewellery, with clean water a little apple cider vinegar or white vinegar can be used.
    • In baguette jewellery with multiple stone designs, dirt between the stones can be removed with cotton swabs or cotton.
    • Cleaning and maintaining baguette jewellery once a month ensures easier cleaning and prevents the dirt from becoming stubborn.

    You can find baguette rings and jewellery, which are almost a timeless symbol of elegance, in Piano Jewelery's wide range of products and present them as a magnificent gift to yourself or your loved ones. Thanks to the affordable diamond and gold baguette ring prices, you can also get unlimited support from Piano Jewellery for the maintenance and cleaning works of your jewellery you like and buy.

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