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    Return and Exchange Opportunity for Gold Jewellery and Gems

    Altın Takı ve Mücevherlerde İade ve Değişim Fırsatı

    How to Exchange Gold Jewellery?

    Gold jewellery is among the products that should be purchased carefully due to their high material value. Especially gold jewellery exchange processes can be extremely challenging due to the change in gold prices day by day. Therefore, when you want to change after purchasing gold jewellery, it is recommended that you choose well-established and corporate companies so that you do not experience any victimization. When you buy gold jewellery and gems from corporate companies, protocols on return and exchange are prepared, so that you can change your gold jewellery comfortably during your legal right. If you are looking for a corporate brand that respects user rights and prioritizes customer satisfaction, you can take a look at Piano Jewellery options immediately and take advantage of both unique change opportunities and dazzling design options.

    How Does the Gold Jewellery Return Process Work?

    The return of gold jewellery stands out among the issues that customers suffer the most. In particular, some companies that want to turn the changes in gold prices into an advantage may cause various grievances by reflecting the price change to the customer during the jewellery return process. Many customers working with such companies can suffer serious financial losses in just a few days. At this point, the importance of choosing reliable companies with a corporate identity also emerges in gold jewellery return processes.

    Piano Jewellery offers you the opportunity to return your gold jewellery purchases during the legal period and makes it possible to easily benefit from all your legal rights. Offering you the right to withdraw unconditionally for 14 days, Piano Jewellery accepts returns for all your gold jewels that have not been damaged or tampered with. In order to complete the return process, it is sufficient for you to contact Piano Jewellery about the return and send back the box, packaging, certificate and invoice presented to you when purchasing the product, with the product.

    What Should Be Done During Diamond Exchange and Return Processes?

    For the exchange and return of diamond jewellery, you must contact the seller and start the return process within the first 14 days after purchasing the product. Returns and exchanges cannot be made after 14 days from purchases. In order for the exchange and return requests of diamond jewels to be accepted, the purchased jewellery must not be deformed, the parts and documents of the product must not be deficient, and the jewellery must not be personalized. Shortened, reduced, tampered with and degraded jewellery remains out of the scope of return and exchange, as it loses its originality. When returning diamond jewellery produced by Piano Jewellery, you must add the product certificate to the return package. Jewellery certificates are issued separately for each jewellery and in a sense are used as identification documents of gold or diamond jewellery. For this reason, jewellery that does not have a certificate cannot be processed due to the fact that they cannot be identified. Piano Jewellery products with a certificate can be returned safely and quickly during the 14-day withdrawal period.

    If you want to complete the gold exchange, gold return, diamond exchange and diamond return processes safely and without any problems, you can choose Piano Jewellery. Moreover, thanks to stunning designs, you can enrich your style and enjoy a breathtaking look in any environment.

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