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    Matching Wedding Ring with Engagement Ring

    Alyans ve Tektaş Uyumu Nasıl Olmalı?

    A great excitement waits you during your wedding journey. It may be hard to choose the wedding and engagement rings on the days when you have indescribable feelings wished continue for a life time. While you are choosing your wedding ring describing your love, it is good to consider several factors. Your ring must not only reflect your style but also be astonishing and shiny. While some of people caring details prefer the more encrusted models made by manual labor, others caring simplicity do not leave classical models. There are so many models of wedding and engagement rings that make you indecisive to choose a ring model among them. On the other hand, a tough women can choose the model at first sight.

    The wedding ring symbolizes martial status of a person, for example when it is worn on the finger of the right hand, this means that such person is fiancé or fiancée, and when it is worn on the finger of the left hand, this means that such person is married. Most of the people cares this detail, but some of them do not care. There are also some married women preferring not to wear a wedding ring but engagement ring.  You may not want to take off your engagement ring gifted during wedding proposal. You may also enjoy wearing a wedding ring you choose with love. Sometimes it is not easy to wear an engagement and wedding ring at the same time. This means that both are required to match in excellent way.

    Women choose their wedding ring after they are gifted an engagement ring. If you do not want to take off your engagement rings, you should choose your wedding ring compatible therewith. While you are searching wedding ring options, first you should consider color of the engagement ring. If you purchase a white engagement ring, then you should choose a white wedding ring. For example, it is not suitable to wear a white color wedding ring together with a gold-color engagement ring. If you wear an eternity ring, then it is easy to choose a wedding ring without having a problem on color.

    The sizes of the engagement and wedding rings are also important for matching. It is not appropriate to choose a thin wedding ring to match with a thick engagement ring. They shall be matched better if both are thin. Furthermore, when we consider the length of finger, you may imagine how much wearing both rings will discomfort you.  

    How Do You Choose a Right Engagement Ring?

    Engagement ring shopping is mostly made by men alone. Men take the engagement ring off from their pocket suddenly and make a great surprise. Some of them not relying on their enjoyments chooses the engagement ring by receiving support from their friends or relatives. The hand appearance of a woman is important for choosing such engagement ring. Thin and graceful rings are suitable for the women having thin fingers. The thick rings are suitable for the women having thicker fingers. The people asking to catch good matchup between wedding and engagement rings may choose the rings in thin form. 

    The engagement rings ay not be appropriate for daily use. The main reason of this is that the jewels placed on engagement ring is big. This may lead the engagement ring to hit any place during your daily life. The women carved out a niche for themselves in business life prefer the eternal rings or rings with small jewels.

    How to Wear an Engagement and Wedding rings?

    After having an astonishing marriage proposal, you start to wear an engagement ring. You may prefer a baguette ring from the latest trends used in the marriage proposals. It may be a little harder to catch a matchup between the baguette and wedding rings. You should prefer a thin wedding ring to wear together with the baguette ring. You are required to be sure that both are made of same material if you want to catch a good matchup between the engagement and wedding rings.

    How Do You Choose a Right Wedding Ring?

    You ask to find a wedding ring suitable with your style during your marriage journey to which your first steps start with a word “Lifetime”. Sometimes making a choice is not as easy as it seems. The decision of choosing a ring may take your days, and while you are making a decision, a new model is added among a thousand model of ring.  You may start to decide which color you like to wear on your finger. Would your wedding ring be white, golden or other colors different from classic colors? After you make a decision on color, you should be sure on the size of the wedding ring that it will not discomfort you.

    Daily Comfort Importance

    The ring you worn and carry each minute of a day should not discomfort and be heavy for you. While you do not even realize thin wedding ring on your finger, thicker ones may discomfort you since you are accustomed to it. Especially, the people having a desk job may feel a wedding ring heavier than normal. The golden engagement and wedding rings worn together should not restricts daily joint mobility of a woman. The woman put her rings aside as a first thing required to do upon arrival to the home is the one who discomforted from her rings.

    How to Wear an Engagement and Wedding Rings Together?

    The wedding rings are generally purchased after the engagement ring. It is important that your wedding ring must match with the engagement ring worn in love during engagement period. You should first adjust the size of your engagement ring according to your finger size. Otherwise, the loose ring shall create a bad appearance on your hand by overlapping on your wedding ring. You may request a guarantee from the seller for size adjustment and change in order to catch a good size compatibility among your rings. You may feel that the wedding ring is loose although your first experience with it was different.

    Classic Addicts

    Some couples cannot give up from classic models. Yes, we are describing the ring you imagine as a plain model when the classic wedding ring come into question. The ring made of gold are mostly preferred since it is suitably for both men and women. Where the couples want to wear similar wedding rings, then they may prefer the wedding rings without jewel.

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