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    How to Wear a Piercing?

    Piercing Nasıl Takılır?

    The English-origin word of “Piercing” means bore with something sharp in Turkish. The piercing, a body-decoration art, is used by the people to describe themselves in general. While it is mostly used by the women from east regions of Turkey, it is generally preferred by many countries. The models made of 14-gradient gold, titanium or steel provide not only protection to your body, but also lifetime usage. The wearing piercing is important in terms of pain and regeneration progress. When you decide to wear a piercing, you should seek to an expert on this job, and it is of capital importance that this operation must be applied in a sterilized place. If you do not seek to an expert for this operation, you may have some danger and risks in terms of health. How do you wear a piercing earring, which is popular nowadays? The operation of placing a piercing earring is conducted by means of a plastic needle placed in the pierced area. There are plenty of piercing models one of the mostly preferred accessories. You may select any size you wish from ear, nose, eyebrow, and navel piercing. You may prefer a model among the ones suitable for all enjoyments.

    How to Wear a Nose Piercing?

    This piercing is worn around and middle of the nose. There are hundreds of models among flat, round, jewel ones. Nose piercing models are mostly preferred ones, but they have a falling risk from nose when you hit your hand. You may review piercing models before you choose the model. For the people searching an answer to the question “How to wear a Nose Piercing?”, we may give a tip that this operation is concluded in a matter of minute.

    How to Wear an Ear Piercing?

    This piercing worn on ear is called as “tragus”. This piercing is mostly used on the cartilage of the ear. The gun used on earlobe cannot be used on the cartilage of the ear. If so, the cartilage of the ear may be damaged and caught an infection. The use of angiocath needles on the cartilage of the ear is better. It may offer you many models w/o jewel. You may decide your most appropriate piercing model to your style among hundreds of models such as musical notes, hoop, 5-stone, skull, snake style jewel, dagger style jewel, 6-stone triangle jewel, daisy model.


    How to Wear a Navel Ring?

    This is a piercing model worn around belly. The point is pierced by means of a needle specially designed for this operation. Then, the chosen accessory is pulled through hole. It is required to choose the right models to prevent removal the accessory from the belly until completion of regeneration process.  You should not prefer the models with sharp edges such as skull, tree, mace etc. This operation may have much pain and difficult to be applied if you are too thin or have hard abdominal muscles. The answer to the question “How to Wear a Navel Ring?” is to use a special piercing equipment like other operations.

    The Matters Required to be Considered before Wearing a Piercing

    • You must not consume any food or drink with alcohol or caffeine preventing coagulation of the blood before operation.
    • You must prefer piercing models made of any materials (surgical steel, titanium, 14-gradient gold etc.) appropriate for skin.
    • Preference of flat and round piercing models shall lead a faster regeneration.
    • The place of operation must be illuminated well enough.
    • All equipment to be used during the operation must be kept waiting for at least 20 minutes at 300 Celsius.
    • The expert making such operation sterilizes his/her hands and wears gloves.
    • The place on where the piercing is to be worn is sterilized and anesthetized.
    • Such place is pierced.
    • Such place may glow after conclusion of the operation.


    The Matters Required to be Considered after Wearing a Piercing

    If an expert makes such piercing operation in a clean room, then it is enough to consider a few points:

    • The cares recommended by the expert must perform in sterilized conditions and not be delayed.
    • It is required that the water must not contact with the point subjected to the operation to prevent to be infected for 1 to 2-day period.
    • The regeneration period may be different depend on the place subjected to the operation, but it shall be completed within several weeks.
    • The complete regeneration shall take approximately 2 months.
    • Do not frequently touch the place subjected to operation since it leads to be infected.
    • You should not wear any tight clothes if you had a operation on your belly for a navel ring.
    • You must seek to the expert made your piercing operation to change your earrings.
    • The earrings to be worn must have the same size with the first ones.
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