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    How to Choose the Right Necklace Length?

    Doğru Kolye Boyu Nasıl Seçilir?

    You can complete your combinations with necklace models that you can choose as complementary accessories of the clothes you have carefully created. The length of this stylish jewelry is very important in order to fully adapt to the combination. Necklace lengths are an important criterion for the jewelry to show itself completely. In addition, the necklace is a type of jewelry that is widely used thanks to its feature of emphasizing the area it is worn. By determining the necklace chain lengths correctly, the region you want to emphasize can be brought to the fore. You can find stylish necklace models in the Piano Jewelery product collection.


    How to Choose the Right Necklace?


    You can choose the right product by considering certain criteria in necklace selection. In this context, neck size, general appearance, body type and face shape are critical points to be considered. Necklace sizes can be determined correctly by taking into account the issues stated in our sub-headings.


    Determine Your Neck Size


    Necklace neck measurements are the most important consideration in choosing the right necklace size. Especially if you are thinking of buying a choker or choker-style chain, this will come to the fore even more. You can measure your neck practically with the help of a simple tape measure. In order for the necklace to be comfortable, the neck length you measured should be increased by 5 cm and the necklace should be chosen by taking is consideration this clue.  When choosing a classic necklace, it would be much more appropriate to add 10 cm to this measurement.


    Determine Your Neck Structure


    For people with a thin neck structure, models with short necklace sizes show a more elegant appearance. Especially necklace-style jewelry can be evaluated in this context. Users with a short or wide neck structure can make the neck structure appear longer with 50-60 cm longer chain sizes. If you are of average height, you can probably get the desired efficiency from a chain or necklace made with standard necklace lengths. In addition, you can consider the following points.


    • It would be logical for people with wide necks to add 8-10 cm to their neck size while choosing a necklace.
    • Wide-necked users can wear almost any necklace model. But the thickness of the chain is a point to be taken in consideration here. Thin chains show a much more elegant appearance.


    Use Long Chains to Highlight Your Collarbone


    If you have a wide and short neck structure, you should stay away from the short chain length as much as possible. A 45 cm necklace can be the right choice for use with any outfit. Neck necklace models with a long chain length are extremely attractive products for highlighting the collarbone.


    Short chain sizes should be preferred to highlight your neck.


    If you think you have an elegant and long neck structure, you can choose necklace models with a short chain structure. For this, you can buy necklaces with chain lengths ranging from 35-45 cm. Collar and leash necklaces are qualified to meet your needs in this sense.


    Consider Your Height


    One of the things to consider when choosing a necklace is your height. If your height is 160 cm or less, you can choose a necklace model with a length of 40-60 cm. Even if you have a longer length, you do not need to think about how long the necklace should be. You can use almost any necklace model.


    Consider Your Face Shape


    One of the things to consider for choosing the right necklace is the face shape of the user. If you have round facial features, you can achieve the elegance you want with a choker style necklace. Short necklaces are not suitable for round faces. Because the necklaces in question have the feature that further emphasizes the round structure of the face. You can also consider the following critical points.


    • If you have an oval face structure, almost any length can be preferred in necklace selection.
    • If you have a long face, a necklace with a chain length of 40-45 cm will be suitable for you.
    • Even if you have a heart-shaped face, you can choose your necklace for a short necklace or choker. It should be noted that short chains create a feeling of fullness.


    What are the Necklace Length Measurements?


    Necklace length measurements vary according to the demands of the user. In this aspect, you can find necklace models of any length in the Piano Jewelery product collection.


    Necklaces with a chain length of 45 cm are among the most preferred necklace models. The chain length in question is among the popular products because it can be easily combined with your clothes. You can use the necklace with a simple t-shirt or shirt, or you can use choose necklaces to be used on special days and nights.


    How to Use Long Necklaces?


    The chain size chart can be used when choosing a necklace. Thus, you can find the chance to be directed to the right products. Long necklaces are models that can show themselves much more clearly due to their structure. For example, you can combine your long necklace with a turtleneck or a long dress. Long chains will provide you with great convenience to get an elegant look. You can also use these necklaces on special days and nights. Long gold necklace models can be preferred in this context.


    What should be done so that the necklaces do not get tangled in the neck?


    One of the issues to be considered in case of use of long necklaces is that the necklace does not interfere with the neck. An unpleasant look will appear if the necklace gets tangled. While wearing the necklaces in question, you can try wrapping two turns around the neck. In particular, you can evaluate products with a chain length between 90-105 cm in this context. 


    Another reason for the confusion of the necklace is that the clothes are not chosen in harmony with the necklace. The length of the necklace must be taken into account when choosing clothes. For this reason, you can make the right choice of clothes and necklaces by taking advantage of expert advice.


    How Should the Necklace Length for Men Be?


    Necklace is not just a type of jewelry for women. Men's gold necklace models are also among the most preferred products. An extremely stylish look can be achieved by making the right choice when determining men's necklace lengths. Since the average height of men is longer than women, models with a chain length of 50-60 cm are more commonly preferred models. You can highlight the collarbone or bust area with the right necklace selection.  You can reveal your own style with the right choice you make.


    You can examine necklace models suitable for your personal tastes among the Piano Jewelery product collection, where you can find special designs. In order to have these unique design necklaces, you can buy the products you like practically by adding them to your shopping cart. The pioneer of quality and stylish design, Piano Jewelery is besides you with a unique necklace collection suitable for every budget.

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