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    Jewelry Suggestions for Wedding Dresses

    Gelinlik için Takı Önerileri

    Jewels that add value to the brightest moments of our lives are also among the indispensable parts of wedding dresses. You can add a perfect look to your unforgettable day by choosing jewelery that will reflect your style and that are suitable for your wedding dress. As Piano Jewellery, we would like to draw attention to some tips for choosing bridal jewelry sets with the right pieces that will not overshadow your wedding dress, complete your elegance and reveal your style.


    If you have a petite build, it would be a good choice to stay away from dangling large earrings. You should choose more minimal elegant earrings. If you prefer large earrings, you should be careful not to use a wedding dress necklace. Using both of them together can create a crowded image. You can choose a ring or bracelet to accompany large earrings. Tall people always prefer more ostentatious jewellery. Choosing your ring and bracelet according to your body structure will allow you to give more stylish images. So, which jewelery is more suitable to use with which wedding dress? Let's see together.


    Which is the Suitable Jewelry for the Wedding Dress?


    You have decided to open a new page in your life, to get married, and all the preparations have begun. So many details to consider are waiting for you! Perhaps the most important of these details is how you want to look on your special day. One of the striking details that will add sparkle to your wedding dress on your happiest day is to use jewelery made of precious stones and magnificent designs. Jewelry is an indispensable complement to your hair and make-up on your wedding dress. Of course, choosing among countless alternatives for the most special day of your life is not as easy as it seems. You will be the star of the night with your choices that will reveal your elegance. Piano Jewelery is just a click away for that precious moment when you will turn all eyes on you with your sparkle!


    Jewelry Selection for Strapless Models

    Strapless models are among the most preferred wedding dress models. You can choose from minimal jewelery sets to accompany the sparkle of your strapless model wedding dress, which goes well with many jewellery. If your strapless wedding dress is a simple model, flashy jewelery is just for you! You can also choose from pearl jewelry and diamond jewelry for the wedding dress that will add a dazzling look to your elegance. You can choose diamond earrings and rings for a bright and eye-catching look. When choosing jewelry, you should consider the embroidery details used in your wedding dress, your hair style and your make-up.


    Jewelry Selection for Wedding Dresses with Thick Straps

    If your preference is for wedding dresses with thick straps, we recommend that you do not leave your neck and ears empty. Thus, you can achieve a much more elegant and stylish look. Among the pearl jewelries that best suit thick-hanging wedding dresses, there will be wedding dress pearl necklaces that will harmonize with the stones you use in your wedding dress. This pick will add a nice sparkle to your simple style. If the wedding dress you choose carries lace or various stones, it is important to keep your jewelry simpler to maintain the balance.


    Jewelry Selection for Thin Strap Wedding Dresses

    You can have a magnificent night with a thin strapped wedding dress, that can be preferred by those who like flashy pieces. Magnificent necklaces will add sparkle to your choice of wedding dress with thin straps. One of the elegant, different and stylish wedding dress necklaces will complete your wedding dress with thin straps. You can complete your thin strapped wedding dress with sparkling earrings by leaving your neck empty. You will add a dazzling sparkle to the night when you choose one of the more stylish earring models such as emerald or ruby.


    Jewelry Selection for One-Shoulder Wedding Dresses

    In one-shoulder wedding dress models, the eyes shift to the shoulder part of the wedding dress. For this reason, we recommend that you wear a bridal jewelry that will not tire the eyes and will make the wedding dress model appear. In addition, if your choice for accompanying the wedding dress will be among the diamond set or the pearl jewelry models, a large earring and ring will make you dazzle with sparkle. If your one-shoulder wedding dress has stone embroideries, bracelets and rings that will match those stones will add a magnificent detail to your elegance.


    Jewelry Selection for Boat Neck Wedding Dress Jewelry

    The use of necklaces on a boat neck wedding dress is not preferred. You can achieve a magnificent look by using earrings, bracelets, rings or hair accessories with stones. When choosing earrings, you should consider the embroideries and stones on the collar of your wedding dress. More minimal jewelry will allow you to achieve a stylish look. You can choose flashy bridal earring models for boat collars without embroideries or stones. You should stay away from flashy earrings in boat neck wedding dresses with stones and embroideries.


    Body Jewelry for Backless Wedding Dresses

    The most important point in low-cut wedding dresses is to choose your hairstyle in a way that does not cover your decollete. Taking all the hair to the side or choosing an elegant bun can reveal your decollete in this model wedding dress. If the front of your low-cut wedding dress is completely covered, you can choose a more minimal earring. Especially pearl earrings will be a stylish complement. You can also choose a bracelet or ring that is suitable for the stones and embroideries on the wedding dress.


    Jewelry Selection for V-Neck Wedding Dresses

    Although V-neck wedding dresses are generally preferred with V-necklines, let's underline that it is not as popular as it used to be. You can use your preference for earrings and rings instead of necklaces in V-neck wedding dresses. If you want to choose a dangling necklace or choker, choosing a deep V-neck will give you a more stylish look. In plain or bohemian style wedding dresses, multiple necklaces will provide you with a more modern look.


    Choice of the Right Jewelry for Off-Shoulder Wedding Dresses

    If you have chosen a model with low shoulders, we recommend that you wear a necklace to highlight your shoulders. V-neck wedding dress with slightly dropped shoulders and long dangle earrings are a great match. You can create a modern line by choosing more minimal earrings in a straight neckline and low-shoulder wedding dress. You can complete your earring choices with simple, unpretentious rings.


    Be the Most Beautiful Bride


    Every woman wants to be a beautiful bride and shine in white wedding dresses. With the right choice of wedding dress that will reflect your beauty, style and inner light, you can transform your most special day into an unforgettable elegance. In order to achieve a perfect look, the perfect-looking bridal jewelry models that you prefer are as important as your hair and make-up. Thanks to the gold necklace models you can choose from our collections, you can shine like a diamond and reveal your elegance completely. All eyes will be on you thanks to the jewelery for the Piano Jewelery wedding dress, which will complement the model of your wedding dress and make it look much more beautiful. The choices you will make among the most preferred models will provide an integrity with your wedding dress. Be the most beautiful bride with jewels that will add sparkle to your sparkle!

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