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    Meaningful Symbols in Jewelry

    Takılarda Anlamı Olan Semboller

    Jewelry adds elegance and a new meaning to every moment of our life. These magic touches which are able to turn your simplest dresses into a different look in an instant cover different meanings in them from lots of aspects. In this sense, jewelry symbols regarding the jewelry you select are extremely important. Don’t you want to use any jewelry hiding an unknown meaning in it, do you? So, it is important to know the jewelry symbols and their meanings.  

    For example, let’s have a look at the golden necklace models which you will use or give to a beloved one of yours. Necklaces with meaning are always more valuable. Even if you use by yourself or give a necklace to someone, you must definitely examine the meanings of the necklaces before making a necklace choice. You can come face to face with many different jewelry symbols such as infinity, triangle, hamsa, four-leaf clover. In this article, we will find the answers of the questions such as “What should be taken into consideration in selection of jewelry and what are the meanings of these symbols?

    Meaning of Infinity Symbol

    Infinity symbol is one of the most preferred symbols. Particularly, you will often encounter infinity symbol frequently used for necklace and wristband models when you want to buy a necklace and search as “necklaces and their meanings.”  As you may guess, this symbol holding the meaning of endless love, adherence, never-ending can be used for the relationships between two people and also for the gifts to be bought for friends. Additionally, this symbol in the figure-eight shape has also a religious meaning and expresses eternal love 

    Infinity symbol, an extremely elegant gift choice, is a perfect gift alternative both for you and your beloved ones. This symbol representing infinity in mathematics expresses a global meaning such as many other symbols. In other words, wherever you use it in the world, it will always represent the same meaning. This symbol was first used mathematically by John Wallis in the 17th century and is in harmony with all your combinations with its elegant shape. If you want to use a special jewelry and give a special gift and if you don’t want to spend much time on searching for jewelry, infinity symbol is the right jewelry choice designed for you.

    Meaning of Triangle Symbol

    If you think about things in a little more detail or are interested in the meanings of the shapes on necklaces, you must examine the triangle symbol. Meaning of this symbol may vary depending on its face in downward or upward position and at the same time, you can adjust this meaning according your mood. Triangle shape with one corner facing upward or expressing upward movement is the symbol of rising or fire.

    This symbol which you can use when you are more energetic or during the period when you want to leap forward can also be described as “knife symbol” from time to time. Inverted triangle expressing downward movement is interpreted as running water and heavenly favor.

    This symbol expresses divine power of woman in mythology. As you may understand, symbols and meanings of your necklaces can differ greatly even according to their directions. The same symbol may be different in terms of pendant meanings according to use in inverted or normal position. Therefore, the fact that the jewelry you use or give as a gift expresses the right meaning is extremely important.    

    Meaning of Hamsa Symbol

    One of the most commonly used symbols in jewelries is Hamsa symbol. This symbol meaning the Hand  of Goddess in mythology is frequently preferred today. Hamsa symbolizes the hand of Prophet Moses in Hebrew culture and the hand of the daughter of Prophet Mohammed in Islamic culture. Such a meaningful symbol holds a lot of mystical beliefs in it as well. This symbol dating back to centuries earlier looks like palm and included in antique drawings.   

    This symbol believed to express protective powers are said to protect you and your bellowed ones. Hamsa symbol with this meaning is frequently used in the accessories such as necklaces and wristband. Hamsa meaning the number five in Arabic also expresses the numbers on human hand. It is believed to protect  people from the evils such as disease, death and bad luck. Hamsa also believed to protect people from evil eye in certain faiths is known as its protective power in general. 

    Meaning of Four-Leaf Clover Symbol

    When it comes to talk about luck symbols and their meanings, the first thing come to mind is no doubt “four-leaf clover.” It has been believed for centuries to bring luck and protect people against evils. Each leaf of this symbol is believed to be separate luck and it means faith, love, hope and luck for some people while it means health, love, fame, wealth for some other people. So, we can say that it has different interpretations in this sense. Four-leaf clover believed to bring luck to people in every form is one of the mostly preferred accessory symbols.

    Genuine four-leaf clovers are of special Irish plants and rare. Therefore, these plants are extremely valuable and they have begun to be used as a symbol owing to such value of theirs. Meaning of leaf necklace and four-leaf clover symbol are usually mixed with each other. While leaf necklaces are used as the expression of love, four-leaf clover expresses luck. So, both should not be mixed with each other at this point.




    Meaning of the Tree of Life Symbol

    Tree of Life symbol is one of the most fundamental symbols which have been used for centuries. Meaning of the tree of life which has taken place in our life with lots of uses including our accessories is a universal symbol. The tree of life known as the symbol of immortality also expresses many other meanings such as its roots, past, attachment to each other. Roots of the tree of life may bring many images such as close-knit families, friendships or love to mind. On the other hand, it creates a balance and symmetry.      

    Needles to say, it is not right to transfer only these accessories as necklace. The same symbols mostly mean the same images for the wristbands and their meanings. Accessory you will use or give as a gift can be selected completely appropriate for your pleasure.

    Meaning of Solar Symbol

    Solar symbol is one of the oldest symbols for people. Therefore, necklace in sun shape means one of the oldest faiths and symbols as well. This symbol having separate meanings for different cultures is generally used in the meanings of heat, life source and liveliness. Particularly, sun necklace as being the source of life may mean “you are my source of life and light”. Of course, if you yourself use it, it is possible that you mean source of life starts from you.

    Solar symbol used with a lot of accessories can be matched easily with many combinations as it is in other symbols. If you take these symbols into consideration when making your accessory selections, you can reflect so many expressions with images where words fail.

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