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    How should Nail Art and Ring compatibility be?

    Nail Art ve Yüzük Uyumu Nasıl Olmalı?

    It is not an exaggeration to say that well-kept hands and nails add a great smartness and elegance to a woman. In recent times, patterns applied to nails and easy on the eyes through nail art patterns are highly successful in terms of lifting your spirit and reflecting your mode. Geometric lines, a wide array of flower and fruit patterns, multi-colored flames, cute end of heart shape, leopard patterns, and colorful nails come into prominence as favorite nail art models. Among these models, one may select the warmest model and make ring selection in this way and reflect his/her stylish personality.

    Nail art applications selected as minimal or largely spectacular can be considered to a remarkable touch in terms of drawing attention in any environment. Harmony ensured by nail art application with the ring worn appears to be an elegance detail which should be appreciated; and it becomes easy to acquire a striking smartness thanks to harmony.

    How is the Right Ring Selected?

    Ring, one of the accessories which we have got used to seeing frequently in regular wears as jewelry is also considered to be jewelry option in formal invitations and special occasions. Rings produced from different metal types such as silver, gold, steel are largely enriched with different precious stones such as diamond and ruby. Ring, one of the most beautiful gifts to be presented to a woman, can be designed in modern and traditional form.    

    Combinations of ring in harmony or ring selection appropriate for the social circle are among the fashion trends which should be evaluated in detail. The question “How do ring and nail art go with each other?” should also be considered in this context and one of the elements where ideas regarding emerging nice appearances. 

    What are the Prominent Details in Ring Selection?

    Ring, one of the most important and concrete gifts in relation to love and appreciation, may turn into a nice magic with which you can succeed in fascinating your beloved one with eye-catching options. Rings designed with the colors such as gold, rose gold, black, silver and gray and having different patterns are nice details in terms of properly reflecting the style of a person. However, ring models produced from the metals such as steel, silver and chrome and ideal for minimalists can be designed as stony and decorated with impressive details in line with the requests of users.



    Rings which are used to win one’s heart with rich design choices are able to win the hearts as the biggest symbol of love right from the start of wearing it. Therefore, primary choice for one who is concerned about the gift for his/her lover and bellowed one is ring with nice and interesting design. These products being unavoidable gift of romantic moments turn into a reflection of the excitement in the eyes with their elegant and distinguished structures.

    What is Nail Art?

    Nail art applications made for beautiful and aesthetic nails are now among the most common trends which draw attention and are searched. Nail art can be described as nail decorating art. However, nail art can also be described as decorating nails with various patterns and in this way, nails look nice and beautiful. Nail art which has largely drawn attention of women recently is also successful in being a trend allowing nails to look neater and more attractive. 

    With nail art applications, women have been able to reflect their own designs on their nails as well. With this application which has facilitated the design in imaginations to realize, nails look attractive and a differently. This application which finds favorite by employing different techniques and colors in the world can also be said to have gained popularity in our country as well. Techniques applied by various tools and brushes ensure that application provides satisfaction by reflection of the imagined design on nail. It is possible to create extraordinary and magical touch on nails with nail art.       

    How is the Right Nail Art Selected?

    Before applying nail art technique, the first thing to do is to form the nails in appropriate shape and dimension. This can be considered to be the first stage of nail decoration art. In addition to forming the nails in optimal dimension; whether the design requested by user goes with the nail or not is an important element. However, decorations can also be made on the prosthesis on the nails.

    Natural themes, letters and pictures can be used for customization of nail art applications. Objects used for nail decoration art should be evaluated within the framework of nail art and ring harmony. Harmony of the designs and colors with the rings to be worn is extremely important.

    What are the most delicate parts of Nail Art Selection?

    Nail size and shape must be taken into consideration before making any selection from among thousands of patterns, models and colors. For instance, if nail art is not suitable for the nail size at that time, probably, prosthesis nail process must be completed before nail art application. Then, a nail art model compatible with personal style, trend and season should be selected.

    Selections should match up with the rings and dressing style as well. In this way, both nail art and ring harmony are acquired and nice details reflecting the style are revealed in detail.

    Another point which is as important as nail art choice is the materials used in nail art application. Therefore, it is useful to use the materials produced specially for the application. In this way, what is imagined can easily be realized.  

    What are Harmonious Ring and Nail Art Models?

    Harmonious ring and nail art models are extremely remarkable subjects in terms of fashion. Ring and nail art harmony can be evaluated as follows:

    • Today, multiple ring combinations are fashionable and combinations of these rings with nail art models in different colors and patterns present an extremely attractive and nice appearance.
    • Using the rings with flower pattern and letter together with nail art models decorated with colorful French and vivid colors may add a special and different spirit to a person.  
    • Nail art and wedding ring harmony can be considered to be an important alternative in which nice details can be caught with classical French applications or minor lines on special occasions such as wedding and engagement ceremonies. Golden wristbands to be worn on such occasions are important accessories for complement of elegance.  

    As Piano Jewellery, we represent a corporate brand which can keep up with changing and up-to-date trends regarding women jewelry and accessories. It is our target to ensure that you can catch your style thanks to our customized products and help you to reflect your stylish personality on your social circle.

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