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    What is the Right Selection of Jewelry for Men?

    Erkekler için Doğru Takı Seçimi Nasıl Olmalı?

    Jewelries have been considered to be nice accessories used by women in general but now, jewelries have come into prominence as details which are considered to be important and reflect style for men as well. Additionally, in the past, jewelries for men have had limited product scales; however, today, a large number of jewelries for men have been sold in internet environment or jewelry shops.

    For the right selection of jewelry for men, details such as dressing, skin color and style should be taken into consideration with all related elements. When considered in this way, jewelries can be thought to be concrete and nice arguments in order to reflect man’s energy and charisma.   

    When asked "what is man’s jewelry”, primarily, ring and wristband and necklace, tesbih (rosary), cuff links and tie pins can be given as examples. Such special jewelries allow man to be the center of attention in the environment and the places where he is and also, to easily reflect his style. In this way, a masculine style is presented.

    What are Men’s Jewelry Models for 2022?

    Braid pattern wristbands, silver necklace and wristbands, leather and handmade accessories come into prominence in 2022. Silver details always add a different atmosphere to users. Leather wristbands are favorite ones as usual. It is clear that black and brown tones are of priority for men all the time. Wooden and beaded wristbands are very fashionable today, formed of 3 spirals in general and provide an important advantage to the sport appearance of the user.

    Stone and bead models among man jewelry combinations are commonly used. Precious stones have very positive effects on human health. Stone alternatives providing psychological comfort are in necklace and wristband format. Products in these formats are preferred by men both in daily life and business life. Still, necklaces with different symbols are among the favorite ones of this year. Chains and necklaces only in certain forms in the past have now a great number of types in different styles and elegance. Also, users are sufficiently interested in such accessories.





    What should be taken into consideration in selection of men’s ring?

    As it is in every jewelry to be preferred, men ‘s ring models together with the shapes on them completely symbolize the person who wears it. It is good for those who want to reflect their characters better and expressively to select the right ring. Men’s ring combinations have a large number of scales. Ring both characterizes the old and causes a different atmosphere to be created with its modern position in the environment. Men’s ring is an accessory which can be considered to be more important than supposed in terms of reflecting style.   

    Brightness of the stones used on the rings and the handiwork on the metal parts of these jewelries make the rings extremely attractive for the others. Stoned rings are generally produced from silver mine. Properties of silver are very valuable for health. Silver providing positive effect on blood circulation makes a great contribution to removal of negative energy. However, men’s gold ring combinations offer a wide variety of products and in this way, those who like classical rings select rings suitable for their style and pleasure.  

    Smart Wristband Choices for Men

    There are a lot of fashionable ring types for men. Therefore, those who want to buy wristbands, reflect their styles in this way and make the right combination of dressing may easily find a wide array of wristbands. One of the biggest arguments of men being doubtful about jewelry at the beginning is likely to be said to be wristband. Men’s opinions about jewelry may be changed positively with wristband. Men’s wristband combinations should be selected completely matching up with dressing and present a remarkable touch in terms of reflecting style.

    Another detail on wristband drawing attention as much as wristband is wristband end. Wristband ends may display a different identity with the symbols on them and particularly, abstract figures may be helpful for men to introduce a masculine style. Symbols such as sword, the star and crescent, helmet, death’s-head can be used both for wristband end and pendant.  

    What should be taken into consideration in Selection of Men’s Ring?

    We have got used to seeing men’s necklace combinations a lot in recent times. In fact, this mainly results from fashion. However, men’s jewelry necklace is substantially modern and gives the person wearing it a different atmosphere. Additionally, once an expressive harmony with the dress is caught, it adds a pretty remarkable identity. When chain necklaces are combined properly and with matching dresses, it gains value as a manly accessory as well as being striking.     

    Gold-colored necklaces are extremely luxurious selections and these types of men’s necklaces are considered to be special jewelries. Therefore, such necklaces should be selected and combined wisely. In this context, finer and simple design necklaces may bring a sophisticated and brilliant appearance. It is not necessary to be much more careful in selection of silver colors as it is in gold. An easy and classical selection may allow a very good combination to be acquired with traditional manly tones. Additionally, necklace does not present a lot exaggerated position on silver color chains due to nature of the color.        

    Piano Jewelry is associated with corporate brand approaching men’s jewelry with care and instantly following changing trend regarding men’s jewelry accessories. We recommend you to examine and evaluate in detail the products of our brand with unique style.  

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