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    Gift Selection for the Aquarians

    Kova Burcu için Hediye Seçimi

    It is difficult to know Aquarians who usually hold unique characteristics. It is, as the phrase goes, a quite different art to buy a gift for Aquarian with the birthdate between 21 January and 19 February.  Gift selection for Aquarians is a lucubratory job. It is important to focus on the interests of the person when buying gift for the persons having this sign. Aquarians have a rich field of interests being different from each other due to their nature. Therefore, gift choices for the Aquarians offer a wide variety of scales. Gifts to be bought for the Aquarians may vary from a beautiful holiday to a quality jewelry. It is important to know the characteristics of the Aquarians for a proper selection.

    What are the Most Distinguished Characteristics of Aquarians?

    Aquarius characteristics are quite dominant and prominent. However, typical traits of Aquarius man cannot be easily estimated. Aquarius draws attention with its sharp wit. It generally holds unusual manners. Aquarians follow the developments in the fields such as science, technology and art. They like reading and discovering new places. Aquarians are determined, optimist and self-confident individuals. Their creative and intellectual aspects have developed.  

    Aquarius women and men included in the air sign are sensitive even if they seem to be uncompanionable at first sight. They have a quite humanitarian way of thought. They are free-spirited and rebellious. On the other hand, they are friendly as well. Famous Aquarians are as follows; Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, Shakira, Paris Hilton, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, F.D. Roosevelt, W. Henry Harrison.

    There are unisex gifts for the Aquarians but also gifts to be preferred by taking the characteristics of Aquarius women and men into consideration. It is easy for the signs compatible with the Aquarius to buy the right gift.   

    Which signs are compatible with Aquarius?

    When considering real compatibility among the signs, even if birth charts are examined, the Aquarians are good and compatible with Gemini and Libra which are air signs. Additionally, it is compatible with Leo, Ram and Sagittarius which are fire signs. These signs are active and feed each other.




    Aquarians are intellectually active and open to development and get on well with Libra and Gemini. Libra and Gemini tend to work well together. Guidance, friendship and support of Aquarius create a solidarity environment.

    Development process of fire signs and Aquarius continue from another perspective. Desire for life, adventure and experience satisfy with the fire signs. Fire sign with active life starts a journey to different horizons with Aquarius who are powerful and observant in analytic planning. 

    Strengths of Aquarius

    One of the biggest strengths of Aquarius is personal freedom. They have an intellectual perspective about life, universe, people and the world. This intellectual aspect makes Aquarius big thinkers having detailed analysis skill. Authenticity is in their genes. They need freedom in order to live and express themselves. In a way, they live in order to make discovery. They are influenced by the processes the world experience.   

    Since they are fixed sign, they are confident and self-assured. This determination and strength of purpose are strong sources of power for the Aquarians. Aquarians are quite open to social interactions and are popular individuals. They have a wide communication network with their friendly attitudes. This makes their work quite easy.    

    Weaknesses and Challenges of Aquarius

    Obstinacy in asserting their ideas because of being a fixed sign can be an annoyance. This characteristic can be considered to be both strength and weakness. It can cause conflicts as well. Aquarians can be drifted to extremism when it comes to perception and interpretation of the world. Even if they have not developed their questioning skills due to being hard-headed; once they have an idea about the data they collected, they do not back down easily. This faith may border on obsession at a later time. This may take the Aquarians to different sides. They may tend to extreme ends regarding conservatism, traditional faiths as it is in progressive ideas and liberalism. So, Aquarians having questioning skill may get rid of this weakness and become open to development.   

    Which Gift is bought for Aquarius Woman?

    “Which Gift is bought for Aquarius?" is a right question. Aquarius woman is considerably selective in appreciating a gift. Gift selection for Aquarius woman needs special care. A gift appealing to quality and field of interest will make Aquarius woman happy. A book, a luxurious holiday, an electronic item or a delicate jewelry can be bought in line with this field of interest. Enamel earring to be selected with Piano Jewellery quality is likely to make Aquarius woman loving jewelry happy.


    A laptop, a smart telephone or kindle will be among precious gifts, T-shirts with authentic slogans on them may be bought for Aquarius woman who is fond of her freedom. Additionally, temporary tattoos can be a good alternative for gift. 


    Which Gift is bought for Aquarius Man?

    When buying a gift for Aquarius man, technology, electronics and exploring curiosity should be taken into consideration. Laptops, tablet PC, kindles, equipment for household repair, car accessories, clothes, watches are among favorite gifts. Additionally, garden care tools can also be bought for Aquarius man who is interested in gardening. Telephones, sport products are also the right gifts.

    Clothing and jewelry for Aquarius man can be another choice. Aquarius man may want to decorate his charismatic position with jewelry. A holiday or a camp full of explorations, new electronic devices science and technology books and accessories are among the gifts to be bought for Aquarius man. You can make selections from the product range of Piano Jewellery for the men who like tag and necklace. Of such selections, necklaces for men can give charismatic appearance.

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