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    What Are The Diamond Cut Shapes?

    Pırlanta Kesim Şekilleri Nelerdir?

    What is a Diamond Ring?

    Although it is also used in assorted jewellery such as earring and necklace, diamond is mostly preferred for ring making. Diamond rings are designed using diamond stone or stones with different cuts. Nowadays, generally diamond rings called solitaire rings are preferred.

    What Should Be Considered When Choosing A Diamond Ring?

    In choosing a diamond ring, you should consider the features expressed in the form of 4C. These features are called carat weight, color, clarity, and cut.

    Carat Weight: The carat value is determined by the weight of the diamond. The weight value of 1 carat is 200 mg. Therefore, when buying diamonds, you should remember that the carat value is important, not its size.

    Color: How yellow a diamond is shows its color value. The fact that the diamond is colorless means that it is more valuable. Especially when choosing a solitaire diamond ring, you should definitely examine the color features and compare it with other diamond ring options.

    Clarity: There are substances called carbon crystals on the diamond. As the amount of these crystals decreases, the clarity and price of the diamond increases.

    Cut: Cut of diamond is the most important 4C feature. As the quality of the cut increases, the brightness and value of the diamond increases. In choosing a diamond ring, you should definitely consider that the round cut is more valuable and flashy.

    What Are Diamond Cut Shapes?

    Among the 4C values that should be considered in diamond choosing, only the cut / cut feature depends on human ability. Since each diamond is cut in different ways, the value of the resulting products also varies according to the cut quality and shape. At this point, we can explain the diamond cut shapes as follows:

    Round Cut

    Round cut is the most popular form of diamond cut. This type of cut is preferred to achieve more brightness, depending on the color and clarity of the diamond.

    Princess Cut

    Princess cut is the most preferred type of diamond cut after round cut. It stands out as an engagement and wedding ring because of its shine, pointed edges and unique cut.

    Baguette Cut

    Baguette cut is the name given to the pavilion part of the diamond cut into rectangular facets. It is a cutting type with an optical appearance, where clarity is at the forefront. So, when choosing baguette diamond, you should definitely consider the length and width ratios.

    Marquise Cut

    Marquise cut is a type of cut that increases the carat weight of the diamond to the maximum value and shows the stone larger than it is. This type of cut can be a favorite for those who want a longer and thinner finger look.

    Oval Cut

    Oval cut brightness value is very close to round cut diamond. It is quite popular as it makes fingers look thin and elegant.

    Radiant Cut

    The radiant cut ensures that the diamond has rounded corners. The value of radiant cut diamonds varies according to their rectangularity.

    Asscher Cut

    The Asscher cut has a pavilion shape cut with rectangular facets, similar to the emerald cut. This type of cut is known for its square shape.

    Drop Cut

    The drop cut is also known as a tear drop due to its single pointed tip and rounded back. It makes diamond popular as it gives a unique drop shape.

    Heart Cut

    The heart cut reveals the heart shape which is the symbol of love. It is also a very popular type of diamond cut due to its unusual shape.

    Cushion Cut

    Cushion cut has been widely preferred for over 100 years. In this type of cut, large surfaces and rounded corners are formed to make the diamond brighter.

    When choosing diamonds for your loved ones, you should remember to consider the types of cuts and carefully examine the information on the product label.

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