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    What is the Characteristics of Sapphire?

    Safir Taşı Özellikleri Nelerdir?

    The Sapphire converted into a jewelry by processing the “blue-sky” of the located underground is one of the most valuable and expensive stones. It is an extraordinarily special stone continuing to glare with its velvety blue color since it has found. If you want to have information about the sapphire, a rarely found precious metal, then you welcome to world power, grace, independent spirit and inner-peace!

    The sapphire is precious metal that refresh your reason to choose it with the fact that most of the people, especially kings and queens, prefer this precious stone throughout history due to its value and natural beauty, and that it has unique characteristics.  The sapphire has a mineral hardness level of 9 which has been measured by Mohs hardness scale measuring hardness of the natural stones and minerals. This make it second most resistant precious metal against abrasion and scratching. It is one of the most appropriate precious metal to forge a bracelet or ring. The sapphire is a sub-material of the Emery and it is also known as “Jacinth”. Likewise it is mostly preferred to produce accessories, it is also preferred by other sectors for abrasion thanks to its hardness. 

    The sapphire warm your inside with its identical colors although it has high thermal resistance. The sapphire matched with the loyalty come into prominence with its mythical and powerful effects. These effects do not depend on the type of accessories you preferred. You may use it on either ring or bracelet, it will certainly increase your self-confidence, make you feel more independent and calm you. When you use a sapphire, you feel more energetic and joyous with its colors from nature, blue-sky and ocean. The sapphire is also considered special due to its maintenance, not just its characteristic. If you have a sapphire, you should clean it carefully with kind moves by using only water. You may wash the stone with kind moves by using only water for 2-3 minutes and use a soft textile made of velvet to dry.

    The first answer to the question “Where can you find the Sapphire?” is India. Thailand, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Australia, Brazil, Pakistan are the other countries you may find the Sapphire. The most biggest sapphire sample in the world is Indian Star with its 563-gradient kept in History of Nature Museum in New York.

    What is the Sapphire?

    The sapphire is a stone created by chemical combination with aluminum-oxide (AL2O3) and includes some elements such as titanium, iron, chrome vanadium or magnesium. There are two word roots effecting the meaning of the sapphire. These are, “Saphirus” in Latin and “Sappheiros” in Greek, and both have the meaning, “Blue”. The color of the sapphire is classified by its depth and saturation of the color, likewise other mineral. The depth of color means color of the precious stone. Furthermore it represents the light and dark shades of that color. On the other hand the saturation means brightness of that shade.

    The sapphire is known mostly with its color of dark blue. This color has a depth of blue from dark to light. And you may also find it in different colors like transparent, grey, brown, green, pink and yellow. The sapphire shall be one of the most appropriate gift for you or your friends if any of you was born in September.

    The Benefits of Sapphire

    The sapphire is a precious stone that make you always pleasure with its benefits. If you have a sapphire with you, you should be ready for positive changes in your life. It shall protect you against negative energy thanks to its mythical characteristics. So, the loyalty is come into prominence in love. Furthermore, this special stone make you feel more independent, strengthen your instincts and belief, support your digestive system, increase your focus and strengthen your memory, support your kidneys, activate your glands. On the other hand it contributes to strengthen your ear and immunity system.

    Benefits of the Blue Sapphire

    The most popular color of the sapphire is blue and you may choose among its depth of color. The most expensive sapphires have stones in color of pure and most saturated blue. The purple and green colors are mostly known the secondary colors of the blue sapphires. The sapphires are getting cheaper as per their depth of color. The other colors of the sapphire outside of blue are classified as party sapphire or fantasy sapphire. The ornamented sapphires are mostly yellow, orange, green, brown, purple and violet. In addition to this, there are some semi-colored or transparent sapphires.

    The blue sapphires come into prominence with its characteristics. This stone may support you for your stomach and make you communicate better with others. In addition to this, the blue sapphires prevent you to muse

    Benefits of the Yellow Sapphire

    The yellow sapphire is accepted as one of the important stones of the sun nerve network chakra, also known as stomach chakra two-finger above of belly. Therefore, if you want to remove your digestive problems, you may prefer yellow sapphire. The yellow sapphire contributes to regular operation of stomach, liver, spleen and gall bladder. In addition to this, it is good for spiritual problems and remove edema from the body.

    Benefits of the Black and Gray Sapphire

    The black and grey sapphire is good for providing a balance for root chakra in the region of tail-end part of the body. It also supports sexual organs keeping healthy since it take life as basis. If you want to remove your stress out, the black and gray sapphire is a good option for you. You may defuse your tension by taking electricity in excess out from your body, and you may support regeneration of the cells and production of blood.

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